Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Great News.

On Thursday at at 0530AM Donna and I left the house to drive to the Surgery Center in Florissant MO. to have surgery  on my left eye, A month ago I had my right done and t is perfect,

After surgery I could see really well.

Yesterday went to the doctors office for my first post op exam and the surgeon said I tested out at 20/20 vision in my new left eye.This is unbelievable for 24 hours after surgery,This young lady surgeon is supposed to be in the top 5 on the US for eye surgery. I can believe it.

I just loved the drive home just looking at all the sharp signs and colors now that the smoggy vision of the cataracts is gone. Anyone who is contemplating cataract surgery, get it done, especially if your insurance  covers it. My Medicare and supplement covered all but  $175 per eye copay. Absolutely no pain or discomfort in the whole procedure.

Now in a month I will be ready for summer, and my Son Tim’s wedding in New Jersey.

Donna is still having breathing issues but is doing the best we can, she is making plans for us to leave with the camper to go out east at the end of April for the wedding on May 2nd and then we will probably spend the summer traveling again,

Not much else going on here at the ranch, other than thanking God for my second chance on vision. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna….

rigg's 02-28-16d

Rigg’s wanted his picture in the blog, Here he is laying in his spot next to his Dad’s chair in the kitchen.