Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rigg’s turn to see the Doc

Over the last few months just  about the whole Weibel Clan has has there turn with medicals issues, I had surgery on both my eyes, Donna has had two hospital stays and a broken leg, So yesterday since he was due for his shots, Rigg’s had an appointment with his vet he got his new Rabies shot, and several other shots along with heartworm medicine.The Lady Vet said, he is 105 lbs. which for his age (7)  is too heavy, she suggested cutting down on his food.So effective immediately Rigg’s is on short rations, He will still get two meals a day but the quantity of food will be cut.
On the Donna front she is doing well at home and getting around in her walker/scooter,I keep the wheelchair in her car for when we go out. Yesterday I took her to her Doctor at St Joseph’s where she had an infusion treatment for her blood count.That took nearly three hours so she sent me home and I went back for her when she was done.
She now has three in home nurses that come, a rehab nurse, a home care nurse from Medicare, and a second home care nurse from her medical plan (Esse Health).  So far she is progressing just fine.
OH yeah this morning Rigg’s saw me take the tag for his new rabies shot off the paper, he must have known it was his because he came running over and sat by my chair while I took his collar off and put the tag on it and then put the collar back around his neck,he was a happy guy.
Nothing else new around the ranch, so everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna……..


  1. Our girls are on a continuous diet but it works about as good as mine does. He may be happy with the new tag but he's going to be upset when the food shows up. Lol. Glad Donna is doing good at home.

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  3. Sounds like things are holding steady at the Weibe Ranch for the moment despite the medical dilemmas. I guess many of us are now at that age and stage of life where many things are not as well as they once were. All the best to both you and Donna and aren't dogs just the very much most bestest of everything:))

  4. Those labs just love their food! It's difficult to put any dog on a diet, but a black lab would be the hardest. Good luck to you.

  5. Sooo glad Donna is getting home health care..It is much better to be home ..I think mentally it is healing...Hugs.