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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Naval Aircrew.

Yesterday was Veterans and Remembrance Day, As  most of you that are long time readers will know I have long said that my service in the US Navy as a Helicopter Aircrewman and Rescue swimmer was the most fun a young man could have. I have told a lot of young people to get a college degree and then go into Naval aviation. I have decided to post some pictures from my Navy Days 50 years ago,between those days and my Police career of 35 years, I must say I was lucky to be able to say I had a  job all that time that I truly enjoyed, I did almost every job the police department had to offer, Patrol Sergeant, my police dogs, the motorcycle ( a Harley of course).and then ending as Ass’t Chief retired after 30ys, I then went on to the Chiefs job at Lake Sherwood Mo.for 7 years.
So here we go.
USNavyRescueSwimmer medalfront04-27-15a

Sam USS Shangri-LaCVA381967a
Sam Weibel USSShangri-La1967
One of the things that has confounded me is I have often wondered what life held in store for the guys we fished out of a certain death in the ocean. Did they father children or have Grandchildren like I was lucky enough to have. I have tried many time to google names and I have never been able to find a response to those names. I did find one obituary but it wasn’t to old and the man had a family. 
Hope this doesn’t bore anyone or sound like tootin his own horn, I truly did enjoy those years, Now that I am approaching 70 and I can’t walk so good , it makes those old days when I was fit and ready to go all that more attractive.
By he way we are hoping Donna will be coming home from the hospital tomorrow.Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna…….


  1. Thank you for your service from one vet to another

  2. Love this, Sam. Such wonderful memories and I thank you again for your service. You are an inspiration. Russ and I think of you often.

  3. Sam, thank you very much for your service. Looking back, as a 20 year Air Force Air Traffic Controller, my military days were probably the most rewarding and fulfilling of any in my life. Friends made during those days will never be forgotten. Have spent the past week at NAS Whiting just north of NAS Pensacola. The Blue Angels always has a November Homecoming performance and we have been attending this two day event. Over 100,000 in attendance each day, open to the public. Great to see all those young military folks as well as the many veterans in attendance.

  4. We never tire of looking at photos of the brave men and women who have given us our freedoms...Thanks to you and all for your service..