Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday Mumblings.

What a great weekend, Grand Nicky came over to spend the weekend, we will be making a pizza together tonight.

She is growing like crazy, and said she is doing well in school.

I looked up before and saw her hiding behind the fireplace with a toy gun like she was going to take a shot at me. so I picked up a card board tube and when she peaked again I aimed and and went “Ka-Whoosh”. Then I said you might as well come out your dead. She came out and then she said “Grandpa you don’t even have a gun, just a piece of cardboard.” I told her don’t let cardboard fool you that’s a rocket propelled grenade launcher and It just took out you, the fireplace and the living room. Okay I am going to play dolls now .

Donna’s car is still acting up, I went over to where she left it over night, and it wouldn’t jump start, so I took the battery out and took it back to Auto Zone and they tested it and said it was good, I had them recharge it and took it back and the car started and ran fine so Donna drove it back to auto zone and he put the tester on  and said the alternator tested fine. As Donna turned into our driveway the battery light came on and the dash dimmed. Donna called the Ford dealer and described what's been happening and he said the alternator probably has a bad diode in the built in regulator and is cutting out and not charging. He quoted a price of 700 dollars to replace the alternator, Donna told him the one that’s in there has a lifetime guarantee and asked what it would cost to install that one. He said he would do the job with our alternator for 300 dollars. So that is route we will go.

Other than that not much going on, a little bit later the Weeb Ranch will smell like fresh baked pizza , Hope all is well with all our friends. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna….


  1. You just have to outflank those grand kids:))

  2. Mmmm, fresh baked pizza! I'll be right over.

    I just hate to even think about having car trouble. Hope Donna's is soon working fine.