Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday Happenings.

Well here we are and the sun is out and the temps are in the middle 40’s no wind and it I just a nice day.Supposed to be in the 60’s tomorrow and through the weekend. I hope we have a little spring weather heading our way.

Donna told me this morning that the battery light was on on her car. so about 1:30PM when it had warmed up I pulled it over to the garage, didn’t see any battery light on he dash, but I checked the level of fluid in the battery and put the charger on it for good long charge. After it’s charged I have the voltmeter hitched up to see if the alternator is putting out. Hope so. I changed one in 2008 and it’s a job a don’t want to do again, have to remove the wheel and spindle and axle on the passenger side to get at the alternator which is under the motor, no way to get to it from the top. Only saving grace is the alternator has a lifetime warranty so once I got the old one off and take it back I get my money back.

Put Rigg’s back out and he helped me fill the bird feeder, when he is out on the patio, the birds will eat but the squirrels stay a distance away until Rigg’s goes in the house, then they climb up and steal from the feeder.



         Donna & Andy 30 years ago.

That’s about it for today be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. It's about time your weather started to cooperate. Love that picture.

  2. Good for Riggs - keep those pesky squirrels away, boy!

  3. Such a cute picture - love it. Hey Riggs, Jewel will come and help you get those squirrels. She's getting better at it every day.

  4. Love the picture...I gotta get involved in ThrowbackThursdays!!