Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Reflections.


73 Years ago our fleet at pearl Harbor Hi. was attacked by Japan and several battleships and capitol ships were sunk. Nearly 3000 sailors were killed in this action that

precipitated our entry into WW II. Lets never forget this day and reflect in our prayers the loss of life and to their families.

I have let the blog go for a couple days again, call it what you may, writers block or just plain nothing going on , no excitement at the Ranch in Dardenne Prairie. Of course Charlie and Rigg’s create there own excitement and usual play to exhaustion. Here's is the evidence.



                                                                  Down for the count.

Still Cloudy and cold here, high will be in the low 30’s. Hoping for some 60 degree weather.Although we are heading into the coldest part of the winter here from now until after New Years.

Had to make a run to Schnucks to pick up a couple prescriptions. Then when I got home I discovered we were out of beer so a run will have to be made to correct that.

Not much else doing. Donna took the day off and is resting, which is fine with me. Hope all is well

with all our friend out there. Be safe. Sam & Donna……….


  1. Lovely yesterday here in NW Louisiana. Today overcast and cooler. But still warmer than up there in the north. A good day to just take it easy. See that friend Donna does just that.

  2. I don't even drink every day but I get nervous when there is no beer in the fridge! I bought six 22oz bottles on Thursday and haven't yet opened one, but I have the comfort of knowing there is beer in the fridge!

  3. Never forget what can happen to our great nation when caught with our pants down...."A day that will live in infamy"...God bless The Greatest Generation.

  4. You forgot to get the beer! That's not like you Sam, Kevin is here shaking his head at you in disbelief. ;-)