Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday Thoughts.

It’s a sunny gorgeous day except the temps are in the 20’s with a low below 10 for tonight.Donna is off today and we have been sitting around and being lazy all day. Tomorrow she will have to work the night shift,

My Grands out in New Jersey went bird hunting with their Dad and Mom.


                                              Meghen & Katie.

They are so into outdoorsy stuff, along with music, and ballet.No way I am going out in this cold, I just hope the rest of the country and our friends who escaped south are having warmer weather. hoping Donna a nd I can get away here one of these day, just waiting for her to feel better and give me the word.

That’s about it for now , be safe. Sam & Donna…


  1. When you get into a mild climate and then the weather takes a cold turn for a while, it is the same discomfort as any other cold. I just dressed warmer when I lived in the east, and had better insulation on the house, etc. But I'm not sure how it would feel to me now that I've been away. Hope you and Donna can stay well.

  2. Chilly here in SW Louisiana too. But far from 10! BRRRR

  3. Some people don't agree with hunting, but our family has always had hunters..It teaches gun safety, and I think kids appreciate just where that chicken, beef, turkey, deer and whatever meat is on the table..where it actually started! My son always eats what he kills. Good life lessons, as far as I am concerned.