Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Meanderings.

Haven’t posted for a few days, but that is only because there just isn’t much new here at the Weeb Ranch. Donna worked yesterday and is off today, then she works Tues, and Wed. Just got back from a quick run to Shop and Save for a few groceries plus some beer and soda. All the fur kids are doing fine, Even Charlie, he is starting to mellow ever so slowly, he now sits at the door when he has to go and and hasn’t had an accident in the house for quite awhile. He is getting to be quite a bed hog, I have to shove him to the bottom of the bed, but once he conks out he sleeps all night. Sadie just burrows under a pillow and doesn’t take any space. Donna s still fighting her breathing problems, she is spending more time on her oxygen machine. Today she went into to talk to her Manager at Walgreens and he said they were all worried about her, and she asked if she could get a 60 day leave and see if she could get some improvement, he said that is was a great idea and he would put paperwork n so she won’t lose her benefits.She will still have to finish out this week.

Maybe later next month  we can head south for a short vacation, her oxygen machine will fit in the fiver nicely, plus I have a tank n case of power failure and the generator.

Glad to see a lot of our friends had fun at the Blogger’s meetup at Quartzite, wish Donna would have been up to that trip.

That’s about it for today, Be safe out there. Sam and Donna.


  1. We wish that you and Donna could have joined us all at Quartzsite as well, maybe next year. We went out to lunch with Kenny and Angela today as well as another couple that they are friends with. They were mentioning that you might make a trip south. Sure hope you can make it, I know they were looking forward to seeing.


    1. If we can get Donna's breathing a little easier we would love to go where we could job into a nice pool. Right now it's still a little scary.

  2. Sure wish you two were able to head out for a while. Would do the both of you a world of enjoyment.

  3. Sounds like Donna could sure use that 60 day leave. Hope she improves soon.

  4. We are thinking of you folks & hoping Donna's medical condition will improve. Would be nice to see you out here in the west sometime. Maybe you guys will be able to make Blogger-Fest 2016:))

  5. Wishing you well, Donna. Some warm weather may do you good. Sure hope you can get away. H & P