Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday Notes.

For awhile Rigg’s has been  asking to have some blog time, so I finally said yes.

For over a year I was the top dog, I was the only dog, then you allowed Sadie to come live with us

Ok I put up with her biting my ears jumping on me and acting like she was the big dog of the house. Heck I even used to let her win at tug 'o' war. We became buddies, after all I have to look after someone so small.



I know Riggs you have always watched out for her, you even saved her from that hawk.

Everything was going along just fine, WHY WHY did you let them bring Charlie to live with us?.  Well Riggs he was homeless and needed someone to take care of him and love him.


But Mom, he has torn up all of my toys!


He even tore up my bed.

Now I like to play too but he doesn’t play fair, he jumps on my back and bites my head and ears. Let me tell you puppy teeth hurt!


Charlie, I am not a horse you cannot ride me.clip_image014

And then when he gets tired he just sits on me like I am his personal chair.

I try very hard to play nice, why can't he?

I know Riggs you are mommas good boy, you never take advantage of ones smaller than you and you put up with a lot.

Then Mom you got me a nice new bed, but before I could get to it Charlie took over.

Well in his defense Riggs he only took a corner, there was still room for you.

But MOMMM, it is MY bed! Why should I have to share?

And now he sleeps in your bed. He sticks his head over side of bed and taunts me because he knows I cant jump that high any more since I hurt my hip. I know Riggs, but didn’t I yell at him for that and tell him he was a bad dog?

And Mom what about all that barking? And he doesn’t have a big boy bark, it hurts my ears. Well Riggs we are hoping as he gets a little older his bark will get deeper and less often, I know it hurts my ears too. And another thing, why does he always get to go outside before I do,sometimes I have to go bad, but he gets to go first?  Well Riggs that's because he is still a puppy and if we don’t put him out when he lets us know he goes in the house and that is not good.

Well I guess we are a family and we have to put up with each other, but boy its not easy being a big brother.

Oh and Mom thanks for not yelling at me when Charlie jumped on Sadie and made her cry. I couldn’t help it I had to go over and growl at him and let him know he cant hurt her that's not right.

But honestly Mom when are we going on a road trip so I am top dog (only dog) again?


Rigg’s Mom & I both love you guys all the same and you are the lucky one that gets to go on trips and guard the 5 th wheel with us.

That’s about it for today, Be Safe. Sam & Donna.


  1. Oh Riggs, you are such a sweetie and the bestest dog ever. We love you.

  2. poor Riggs..not easy sharing the lime light! hang in there..soon you will be the big 'dog' in the truck again!!