Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday Notes

This s mostly a test of Live Writer to see if it is working, another blogger posted they were having trouble with, said he thought is was an issue with Windows, since  am running Windows 8.1  decided to see what is up.
Yesterday we took Rigg’s to the Vet for his checkup and to get a certificate that will allow his travel  into Canada. He is in good shape and got several shots,to update him.
Today will be Max the Duramax’s turn I will be taking him in for an oil change. filter and lube so he is ready to travel. He has spent most of his time since our last outing in the garage.
Have to start stocking the fiver’s fridge today.Other than that not much is going on today. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna

P.S. could not publish on Live Writer so here it is on Blogger.


  1. When I took Lady into Canada - probably about 10 yrs ago - all I had to show was an up-to-date rabies certificate. Do they require more now?

    1. on the certificate they require, vet to write age, sex, breed, coloring and distinctive markings.

  2. Since I am an Apple user I don't get to use Live Writer but it seems like it has been pretty reliable for other users until recently. I have tried to add comments from my iPad on Google/Blogger and it never seems to work. Sometimes these things are a mystery...

  3. Always good when the furpups are all caught up on everything and are feeling good. Safe travels.

  4. Never used live writer. So I plead ignorance.

  5. Looks like your post published Okay. The problem with Blogger & Live Writer is world wide & a lot of Liver Writer folks are really upset about it.