Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, January 23, 2016

We’re back..

Haven’t had a post in awhile, just due to lazyness and the way the weather is keeping all us older folks in the house. In the last two weeks my truck left the house to go to the chiropractor.Thank God for my Son Andy and his girlfriend Samatha, they have been making grocery runs and Andy has been keeping the fireplace going and stocked with wood for each night. Our electric furnace is only working 2 of it’s 6 coils so we have to have a fire to heat the house while it’s below freezing, once it gets above 35 degrees or so the furnace will carry it. The furnace man said, our furnace is so old that they stopped supplying parts for it. Things like sequencers that send power to the coils.one at a time, if all the coils were fired up at once it would overload the 100amps dedicated to the furnace. So far he hasn’t come up with a figure to replace the furnace, I’m sure we  will get several estimates. Right now with all the medical bills amd hospital costs, we couldn’t afford it anyway,but we are so fortunate to have the wood stove backup so we have heat and no frozen pipes.

As I said everything is relaxed around here, Donna is doing a lot better and is looking a lot healthier.Even the mutso’s are relaxed.


The fiver is sitting out covered in snow and ice, maybe in a couple of months we can make a short trip somewhere.Around March 15th here in Dardenne Prairie it starts to show a big warming trend.

That’s about it for today, we will be sitiing in the kitchen in front of the fireplace, or in the great room on the other side which also has a door to the fireplace, with a fan blown heatalator on each side to warm those rooms.with about 3 logs it can raise the temperature in those rooms to 80 degrees and if we turn the fan on the house thermostat on it carrys some of that to the back bedrooms.Eevryone be safe and try to stay warm, Sam & Donna………..


  1. Glad to hear Donna is doing better. A furnace is real important..and if you only pay the doc and hospital a few dollars a month, and keep it up, they should leave you alone until you can pay more.