Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, January 1, 2016

Big Scare at the Weeb Ranch.

Been holding off posting till we saw what was going on, Last Saturday, Donna was admitted to St Josephs Hospital in Lake St Louis,she was having great difficulty breathing, and with dizzyness and weakness, she didn’t want me to post about it until we saw what happen. Believe me I have been worried sick, she just didn’t look good and the thought had passed me that I might lose her.
ok here's what I know
Olonoscopy and colonosocopy clean, have a few polyps but because I am an blood thinners they cant be removed until I am off them..he said anytime. they could cause cancer in about 10 years so I got time
found a yeast infection in my throat which could be cause of all the nausea after/when eating so on antibiotic. 
have been on cardiac monitor....all good heart rate and all doing well.
breathing and tremors still not good, could be many causes. main one is low blood counts so need to take iron and other measures to raise blood counts and get rid of the anemia. also pneumonia almost gone but still a lot of lung congestion still on antibiotics but at a lower dose.
have been taken off cardiac diet and now on a high fiber diet.
After almost a week she is doing much better and they may let her come home later today or tomorrow, Everyone pray that all this comes together and she recovers to a more normal life, her breathing and COPD are what really need to be addressed.
That’s the news from the Ranch, Rigg’s is really missing his Mommy, he comes in the bedroom and looks for her and checks the house periodically, at night he jumps up on the bed and lays next to me and sleeps with me. Be glad when Donna gets home and he see’s her.
Samantha went to Oklahoma for a week with relatives so it has been just the boys all week,except Sadie of course, she let us all know she was in charge while the Mon’s were gone.
THat’s about it for today, be safe out there. Sam & Donna……


  1. Sending lots of prayers your way for Donna's health. It is so scary when our spouse is really sick. Sending hugs to both of you and hopefully a much better new year.

  2. Keeping the prayers going for you both.

    It's about time.

  3. Glad Donna is doing better and everyone is on the mend. Take it easy for a while and get well soon! Wishing you a Happy New Year.

  4. Donna, we hope you feel much better soon and can go home. Sam, hang in there. We know you're worried sick. Our hearts and thoughts are with you. Please take care.

  5. As I told Donna. New year, new Donna. Docs will get meds straight and issues under control. Glad she FINALLY agreed to hospitalization.

  6. So glad Donna agreed to let us know ...Hoping she is now where she needs to be. None of us like the hospital, but when you are in bad shape, that's where we belong..Thanks for filling us in..and we are sending good Karma so Donna will be home soon..and not be afraid to ask for help when she feels tough. hugs.

  7. I think Donna above said it well with "None of us like the hospital, but when you are in bad shape, that's where we belong." Wishing you all the best Donna & with you now letting the medical people help you have definitely increased your chances of feeling better sooner. And good for you in taking a positive attitude about your health.

  8. Hang in there,, were all hoping u'll feel better soon and get to come home..

  9. What a fright you both must have had. I hope Donna's feeling much better every day now, and soon back to feeling well.