Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday Musings.

Was up at 04:30AM took my pills and then Rigg’s and I went back for a nap.

Yesterday was a complete waste, rained most of the day. the only saving grace was my Son Andrew fired up the pit and made some pork steaks, Italian sausage and dogs for supper, along with Green Beans and Pork & Beans and baked potatoes. Great meal son.

Today started out like yesterday with rain this morning, hope it stops this afternoon.

Rigg’s saw his ID in yesterdays blog so he asked for equal time.

Did you see my new Missouri ID?   Cool huh, it does have my address on it, but Dad deleted it

When he put it on his blog….


I even practiced for the picture, see looks just like a mug shot.  Just like Mom and Dad’s, they say license

Pictures are suppose to make you look like a criminal.

Do you think they will let me drive now?


I’ve been watching Dad and Mom and I think I know how its done.

clip_image004  See I know you have to look out the windows on the side

Before you go anywhere.  Hee Hee, I think my tongue is long enough to hold the steering wheel

While I use my paws on the pedals.

Hey Mom, Dad, how about, help me with the written part, haven’t mastered a pencil.  What do you mean

I need to learn a little discipline first.  Why do you have to bring up my trash snooping all the time, you’re the

One that has me on a diet, I get hungry.  Ok so I learned how to pull the lead tight and turn around quick and

Get the harness off by backing  up…..see that just shows how smart I am.  I didn’t go far now did I???

My Sis Sadie and my nephew Ralphie and cuz Buddy all want me to get my license. You see they are all too small

To see over the dashboard, so they are depending on me.  They all like to ride and you guys never have enough

Time to take them as much as they would like.


Ralphie’s  ready to go……………..See how sad Sadie is..she wants to go…….  Buddy has the please let me go look.

In England they are teaching dogs to drive, isn’t American suppose to

Be first in everything?

Oh boy oh boy, you’ll think about it???  What? What does  Hell and freezing having to do with it?

Alright gang, I’ll let you know when I get to breeze on down the road.

Well that’s it for Rigg’s for today, he really thinks he is going to get to drive one of these days.

Next nice day, I will be setting my sights on tires for the fiver. Then I will be just about ready for the road, just stock up on groceries and cleaning supplies.

Hope everyone is having a great a day, what was that Rigg’s, OH, Rigg’s wants all his doggie blogger friends to have a nice day too, and maybe get a treat too.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna……..


  1. Effie and Cooper said to tell Riggs that if he goes for a drive to be careful and watch out for all those cats they seem to be in the road all the time.
    And it is raining here all the time too. First snow then rain where is the sun????

  2. I think you need to give Riggs a chance to drive, I am sure he would do better than some of the idiots that are out there on the road already!


  3. Thought you all might enjoy this article and Video from New Zealand. Not sure you should let Riggs in on it. He has enough ideas now.


  4. Duh! What a ditz! I forgot the link


  5. Riggins the Wonder Dog, he could probably drive, park and get you and him some serious McDonalds...He is one amazing dog.