Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wednesday Musings.

Had some really rough storms last night and this morning, Glad I got most of the grass cut yesterday, but now in a couple days it will be time to start all over.

Donna enjoyed her only day off yesterday and then in the afternoon we went to the eye doctor, she was picking up the new glasses to replace the ones that got run over, and I finally got my exam after putting it off for a year. When you have diabetes that’s another thing to add to the list yearly eye exams. Anyway they found my right eye has the start of a cataract, (not to be confused with a Rincoln), so the doctor said it should be checked in another year to see if it gets worse. My prescription did change so I had to order two sets of new glasses, one regular and one in sunglass.

Then I took my bride to El Maguays for a nice Mexican dinner. We both enjoyed it. I even had two Dos Equis with it. We picked up a new prescription, for my stomach and it contains an antibiotic. I have to take it for ten days and it stipulates, no alcohol or it will make you ill. So now I am on the wagon for 10 days. But that just means I will celebrate after the last pill is gone with a beer and a pizza.

Got some pics from my Son and Girlfriend in New Jersey of the Jersey Grands, they have some more acheivements we are really proud of. Their parents are making them into some really well rounded young ladies, In addition to horsemanship, they have Ballet, Marshal arts, and piano lessons.


                  Dude gets a kiss from Katie.


Then he gets some attention from Meghen.


                      Katie at her piano recital.


                Meghen was awarded her latest belt.


             Meghen’s ballet performance.


Katie & Meghen with their dog Lugar at the beach.

Hoping maybe we will get to see them sometime this summer.

That’s about it for today, hope all is well with all our friends, especially the Alaska group and the ones just leaving for Alaska. Be safe out there and in your travels. Sam & Donna………


  1. We've been watching the storms you've been getting. Yikes!
    We do get our share of humidity, but luckily some of the systems have dissipated by the time they get to us.

  2. Beautiful children!!!!Love Lugar's name too!

  3. So glad you guys are okay after those horrible storms. I keep seeing them on the news and they look really scary. I think you should celebrate with a couple of beers at the end of the 10 days. Jim gets his eyes checked every year because of his diabetes. So far so good. When are Danny and Shula arriving?