Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday Happenings.

It is another hot and sunny day here on Dardenne Prairie, high for the day so far is 95. We are supposed to cool into the 70’s for the weekend.

Donna was off yesterday,for last nights supper a made up a batch of Grandma Genett meatballs and we had spaghetti with it.

Today was a lazy relax day, it is just to hot again, can’t believe with all the hot weather the grass is still growing like crazy, must be all the rain we have been getting at night. I will take advantage of the cooler weather and do some cutting this weekend.

How about some Thursday Throwbacks.


Donna & Grandma Weibel 1978.


                       Sam at Ft Knox 1978.


                     Donna at Ft Knox 1978.

Donnawith Rick'strains,ca1978,09-04-14a

              Donna with Rick’s trains,1978

That’s about it for today, Everyone be safe out there.

Sam & Donna……………


  1. Hair styles do change, don't they.

  2. With the cold front that just went through here I'm hoping it continues to cool down as we go east. 70's and 80's would be perfect.

  3. We are having the same problem here at the campground. The grass just doesn't want to stop growing. Kevin was out cutting it on Tuesday hoping it would be the last time but I think will have to be done again next week. I like the sound of your temperatures better than what we are suppose to be getting by Tuesday.