Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday Notes,

Another Gorgeous day here at the ranch, Donna started out by meeting her old co-worker Renee for breakfast at Cappuccino's in O’Fallon. She said she had a great time and always loves to spend time with Renee.

I had to run to Schnucks to get a prescription picked up.

When Donna got home I had cut the front and side acre grass yesterday and then parked John Deere in the back to get to the back today.

Donna decided she wanted to see if she could do some cutting without overdoing her breathing. She got most of the back done which is between a half and three quarter acres before she had enough. I told I would finish it.




                                  Donna & John.


Our friends with lab rescue of Florida ferrying 2 more....they have helped transport, have fostered pregnant ones, in fact Sandy that they have now is a female they took in to foster while she had her pups....she is such a sweet thing and even though they already had 2 labs they welcomed her.

Helen Davis Tempesta's photo.

Helen Davis Tempesta's photo.

Helen Davis Tempesta's photo.

Helen Davis Tempesta's photo.

Helen Davis Tempesta with Paul Tempesta.

Meet Mickey & Minnie! We drove to Gainesville this AM to help transport these guys to their foster home in New Port Richey. Mickey & Minnie have developed a bond and best scenario for them would be to be adopted together. They are very sweet dogs and love riding in the car...........good thing because they started out early this AM from Tallahassee. They would love a "forever" home

God Bless Helen & Paul they have given animals a second chance they might not have gotten.

Not much else doing here, I think Chicken Alfredo is on the menu for the evening meal. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…….


  1. I wish I could think about adopting Mickey & Minnie. I think I'm about past the stage of being able to deal with a dog though.

  2. Sure hope they find a home. I think I could be a dog hoarder if I had a yard.

  3. I am sure someone will give those sweet dogs a home..they look so sweet!