Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Riggin's Thanksgiving

Hi Everybody, its me Riggins (aka the Wonder Dog)
Well this day has had its up and downs.  Couldn't spend much time outside today, raining, cold
and some ice on the patio.  And I was kind of lonely.  Andy and Sadie left yesterday to go to Samantha's
I was going to have pics but Mom can't figure out how to do it. So we will send to Dad and he can
insert them.
It's hard to tell but I am sad .  I kept looking out the door to see if Sadie was coming home.
Mom made a turkey and she said because it was a special occasion I would get some.
Boy o' boy look at what's in my dish ! 
Well, I'm eating now.  I hope everyone's Thanksgiving is nice.  And to Jodie, Coco, Sandy, Motormouse
and all the other blog pups WOOF  (I've got a deep voice)
              Wish my Sadie & my Dad would come home.

              Boy would I Love a Piece of that..
                OH BOY FOR ME!

               YUMMY YUMMY.


  1. Sorry Riggins to hear you are a bit sad on Thanksgiving Day. Hope your Dad is on his way home before too long.

    You've been big and brave for weeks now. You can finish it out. And won't you be happy when you are all together again.


  2. And a bunch of happy wagging tail Woof Woof's for all you guys too over there...Max, Checkers & the Motormouse:))

  3. Riggs

    Sorry you are sad but so happy that you got to have a special turkey treat today. Give greeting's to Mom and Dad even though they can't be together today.

    CB Jr (belongs to Ali & Ron)

  4. sorry to hear you are sad Riggs!..makes me sad too!..hope the turkey doesn't upset your tummy!
    Tucker..it's white here?..what the heck??

  5. Won't be long, Riggs, until Santa's home for Christmas!

    Glad to see you got some Turkey for Thanksgiving!

  6. I'm sorry you're sad today - you should be happy. At least you got turkey. All I got was regular food and baby carrot treats for dessert. Oh well, I DO love baby carrots!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Riggs, from Katie(Me and My Dog - I'm the dog). And to your mom and dad, too.