Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, November 26, 2010


Can’t believe another Friday already, but the more that go by, the faster the old Duramax will be heading west back to the Prairie lands. While I was enjoying my coffee & anisette,the power went off, I immediately went into emergency response mode and grabbed the coffee and poured it into an insulated carafe, so as not to have it cool without the electric burner. Got to be prepared for any household emergency. Turned the scanner on and caught the police calling for barricades and the power company at the scene of a pole that got knocked down. About an hour later the power came back on and the coffee was still hot.

About 10:00AM I looked out the kitchen window and it was snowing like crazy, the ground and the cars were covered with an inch or two of snow already, it seemed like at 34 degrees it was to warm for snow but there it was. So Thanksgiving Day was the first recorded snowfall of the year for Scranton, About noon I looked out and it was raining steadily and melting all the snow.

At 04:00pm Wendy and I went to her girlfriend’s Barb  Zaretski’s for our Thanksgiving Dinner, It was a great time Barb & her husband Tony are lot’s of fun and they had there kid’s and family and Barb’s Mom & Dad over so it was a big family get together.


Barb & Tony Zaretski’s Thanksgiving Dinner with family.

The food was great and the fellowship also. Hey Adam want you to know Grandpa is still a member of the clean plate club. Yep not a bit left on it.

After Dinner we had a couple of cocktails and Tony took me out to his garage to show me a Camaro he is restoring, I can’t remember what year it is, but he has all the rusted panels replaced and welded in, and is now finishing the bondo and primer sanding. He hopes to have it painted when warm weather ( Spring) arrives. Hey Andy I told him about yours but he is going with a 350 horse 350 small block and it will be a restored street car.

Hey Rigg’s glad to see Mom made an exception to the no people food rule and let you celebrate Thanksgiving with her, I guess it was just the two of you, I hope she didn’t give you one of my Miller High Lifes to celebrate with.  Thanks for taking care of Mom for me, You are getting to be Dad’s BIG BOY, a couple of weeks and it will be your second birthday and we will celebrate when I get home, I’ll see if I can talk Mom into making a sugar less doggie cake for you without any chocolate in it.

Not much planned for today, might just get out for an hour or so and go down to Steamtown and watch the trains and see the model ones in the Mall again. The fellow that made Miniature Memories, Mr.  Don Clark passed away on Monday, what a shame such a good guy, I  met him the week before they opened and he graciously allowed me in to take pictures and we talked about model railroading for quite awhile, I saw him again on Sunday when I stopped by for a few minutes and it was obvious he was enjoying watching the kids faces as they watched the trains.At least he got to see it open again and watch the kids on Sat & Sun. You just never know, life is short.

Tonight will be pizza night again, picked up the shells sauce and cheese this week at the store so we are all ready. I am thinking since it will be cold when I drive back I might buy a box of the square shells and put them in the truck in back in the covered bed and then when I get home freeze them, then over the next few months when I want a PA style square pizza I will have the dough ready for it. I don’t think it would hurt them as they are cold when you buy them in the store and haven’t been frozen yet.

About 10:00AM Friday Michelle came over to help Wendy take down the Thanksgiving Decorations and start the Christmas ones, Of course I had to get into the spirit of things because it was my job to carry the totes up from the basement so Michelle and Wendy could sort through them and set them up.


              Sam-Ta reporting for work detail.



Michelle installing the Back door Wreath.

This little lady worked hard so of course when your nine you get hungry so it was time for a break for lunch.


Making the perfect Ham and Mayo sandwich.

Yep for those eagle eyes out there, that is a genuine east coast hard roll, soft but just a little crispy on the outside.

They just can’t be found like that at home.

I told Michelle tomorrow we will go downtown and see the CP Rail Christmas train which is a special train that is all lit up with christmas lights and they collect food for the poor and Toys for tot’s with the Marines. The train travels The US and Canada during Nov & Dec and helps many. many people. It is supposed to arrive at 6PM so i will try to get a night shot of the lights.

That’s about it for now, Be safe out there, Sam & Donna…


  1. sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving!..glad to hear all about it!!..hope it warms up soon?..raining here now..we had snow for a day and what we consider to be a deep freeze for the past week..back to normal now!
    have a great weekend, Sam!

  2. Sounds like a good idea with the pizza squares. They sure won't go bad at this time of the year in the back of the truck. :)

  3. Good idea...start planning things to take back..I think that making plans for movin' on gives you something to look forward to. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving..I sure think about you lots,being away from your family, but I'm sure your Sis appreciates it...Hang in there...Xmas is coming!!

  4. As I was reading your blog I was reminded of Roadside America over in Sharlesville, (not sure of the spelling) PA. I would bet you have been there lots of times.

    We always liked the dinner at the local hotel there too! Good PA Dutch cooking, family style.

  5. Glad to see you had a great Thanksgiving Dinner with family and friends. Won't be long now before you're packing up and getting ready to head home.

  6. I like someone who can think under pressure and make quick decisions in an emergency.

    Saving the coffee shows great calm and decision making under stress.

  7. Sam,

    You have the face and beard for a Santa Claus, but you need to accessorize in red. Your efforts on behalf of your sister already make you the Santa of the year!

    Paul & Helen