Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Meanderings.

Up at 05:30am and had coffee with my bride.

Then later in the morning Paul & Helen took us to the Homasossa Springs State Wildlife Park. It was truly a great trip with Manatees, reptiles, mammals, and birds on display.


                              Donna & Helen.

HomosassaSpringsWildlifeState Park04-23-12i

                            Hi everybody.

HomosassaSpringsWildlifeState Park04-23-12ag

HomosassaSpringsWildlifeState Park04-23-12am

HomosassaSpringsWildlifeState Park04-23-12aq

                                  Gators anyone.

HomosassaSpringsWildlifeState Park04-23-12c

HomosassaSpringsWildlifeState Park04-23-12p

HomosassaSpringsWildlifeState Park04-23-12ar

HomosassaSpringsWildlifeState Park04-23-12b

HomosassaSpringsWildlifeState Park04-23-12s

HomosassaSpringsWildlifeState Park04-23-12aa

                         God Bless America.

HomosassaSpringsWildlifeState Park04-23-12ab

HomosassaSpringsWildlifeState Park04-23-12x

             What’s Florida without Flamingo’s.

HomosassaSpringsWildlifeState Park04-23-12w

HomosassaSpringsWildlifeState Park04-23-12aw

HomosassaSpringsWildlifeState Park04-23-12u

HomosassaSpringsWildlifeState Park04-23-12ad

                   Mom grooming her little one.


                        Is it time for swim call yet.


                     I’m on vacation and being good.

Tonight we will have a BBQ and relax.


                                       THE END.

Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. What a fun day!...I love the Manatees..they are so huge, yet graceful..Have a great BBQ!

  2. Thanks for sharing all those pictures. I really liked the cheetah(?) grooming her cub. Glad Riggs is being a good boy.

  3. Ms Pat and I used to go scuba diving at crystal river with the manatee's all the time. They are sure gentle friendly big old guy's....
    keep on havin fun,,,,good to see you enjoying yourself...

  4. Homosassa Springs is one of our favorite places. Great pics.

  5. Looks like you had another great day. The manatees are such a gentle looking creature. That's a great picture of Donna and Helen.

    Riggs wants to go for a swim again!

    Don't forget to vote for us, aussieexperiences.com/contest/entry/red-centre-kevin-read/

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. Make sure you don't let Riggs anywhere near those gators!

  7. We love that park as well-visit it often when we winter in Crystal River at Rock Crusher Canyon. Thanks for sharing the pix.

  8. Good boy,Riggs. We knew you could do it. I love your pictures - this was a fun post.