Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday Happenings.

Up with my bride at 04:30AM and had coffee, she left for the truck company and then the restaurant.
I was kidding with a fellow blogger about Gamma rays, and it reminded me of one of those characters you only meet in Police work. His name was George and he lived in a small house on Vickie Dr where I used to patrol. he was single as far as I know and was in his 60’s twenty years ago, so I have a feeling he is no longer with us . About once a month we would get a call to Georges residence in regards to problems with Gamma Rays. When you drove up for the first time a dead give away that something was strange was the fact every window in the house was covered in aluminum foil. George would always be feigning pain and complaining of headaches but would resolutely refuse any medical people. Sarge he would say you can fix it. I hope George. I would say and then get a box of aluminum foil from him, He must have bought the stuff by the case.  I would fashion a garrison cap. Then I would tell him to put it on and wear it until we got things under control. Then I would ask to use his phone and I would call the police dispatcher, All this being prearranged with her before I got to Georges house.I would say Is this the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, This is Sgt Weibel and I want to report that the Gamma rays are pretty strong here in Dellwood today. Yeah I know  but is there anything you can do to cut them down a little okay , Thanks so much George will really appreciate it. Let me know as soon as they reach an acceptable level. I would hang up and say it won’t be long now George I could he the turbine noise in the background dropping. Then the dispatcher would call me on the radio and say they just had a call from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and all levels for the Dellwood area were now normal. George would have a look on his face like a Labrador retriever who just got a treat and could not thank us enough as we were leaving. Then it would be another month before we got another call. Do Police Officers still handle calls like this. I’ll bet not. George Carlin once said his favorite people, were the crazy people. Mine too, Not the dangerous or schizoid crazies, but the funny crazies. Maybe someday I will tell you about another crazy we had, Sophie…
I was at the bus stop to pick Adam up and he will be staying for his four day weekend with Grandpa, an I lucky guy or what.
That’s about it for today, Hope everyone is having a good week. Be safe out there.. Sam & Donna.


  1. Well, now I want a tinfoil hat!! If I can't have all the sunshine I want, then I should be able to have a tinfoil hat! Sam, get me a tinfoil hat!! Or, let me have some more of your sunshine. Today hasn't been working out to well...it's weird. The sun shines for a couple minutes, then it rains, then the sun shines, the it rains some more, then the sun shines, and then...while the sun is shining it starts HAILING!!!! I really think I need a tinfoil hat, Sam...PLEASE???

  2. OMG!! I think I am related to George...or else the Tin Man on the Wizard of Oz....I would love a foil hat to keep those crazy gama rays out....Well,maybe I am attracting those rays...At any rate, thanks for the story..Police Officers and Fire Fighters can always tell the very best stories...

  3. You do come up with very interesting stories...love it!!

  4. Great Story Sam...and yes, could you please come out to the house and do something about Russ? Thanks.

  5. That's a great story. I hope someone, somewhere still handles calls like that.

    One day in the lab, the A/C went crazy and it was 50-something indoors. Hard to do precise work. So, in desperation, I made myself a hat out of aluminum foil and continued working, in the dark (light-sensitive test). My boss walked in, looked at me, and turned right around and left.

    Russ K. is suggesting I get a hat from you before I go to Sedona.


  6. Liked the Gamma Ray story Sam. Reminded me of back in the early 50's when there was a real Gamma Ray scare going on for awhile. I was just a kid then but & it was definately a scary thing for imaginative little minds........

  7. OMG...That is an amazing story and I am still laughing out loud over it.
    This is fun and the kind of stuff that makes life sooooo interesting.
    Thanks for sharing!!!!