Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts.

Up at 04:30AM with my bride and had coffee. Then she was off to the truck company, I blogged for a little while, then I started packing the fiver with Donna and My clothes, Once that was done I took the truck and went and topped off the diesel tank. Also got a loaf of fresh bread and hot dog buns and put them in the fridge in the fiver. Made sure the slide was in completely and the seals were tight all around.
Lets see got my traveling outfit set out for Thursday morning, train tee shirt,check,white shorts,check,sandals,check, Rigg’s Navy Seal Bandana, Check. Looks like the guys are good to go…
Two nights and a wake up tomorrow I will hitch up and turn the rig around so it is facing out toward the street, so whenever we are ready to leave, Anytime after 06:00AM we can and will miss most of the morning AM traffic, also I will take I-270 over into Illinois and then I-155 south to I-64, rather than go straight down I-64 from our place, and miss going through downtown St Louis  on a work day.We will then go east on I-64 to I-55 then south onto I-29 until we hit I-75 and then that’s it to Fla. If you see a fiver heading south it will have our Sam & Donna 5th Wheel Vagabonds logo in the back window. We plan on stopping for the night once we cross into Georgia.
Rigg’s and I were sitting here in the kitchen and I said to him, “you know we are going on vacation don’t you, he kept giving me this strange look and cocking his head back and further, Finally I patted his head and said two more days “Oh Boy’ Oh Boy’ and he got all excited and started doing spins and wagging his tail like he was saying Oh Boy”.Labs are so smart.
In yesterday’s blog I told you about having the vet make Rigg’s do a couple of his tricks for his treats, He is being taught to be a gentleman and he bow’s for his treat. After he bows he will get on his belly and crawl on all fours like a good Navy Seal dog.
                               Rigg’s Bowing.
Well that’s about it for now , were both waiting for Nick to hit the door from school, then she will do homework and it’s playtime. I will see if she wants to go to the park  before we leave and while the truck is still unhitched.
Hope everyone is having a great week, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. Sounds like you and Riggs are packed and ready to go!!
    I hope you all have a really safe trip and Donna...please get some rest!!

  2. I agree, see to it that Donna gets some R&R.

  3. I do hope you plan on wearing some underwear! :)

  4. Can't wait to hear from Riggs about his adventure!

  5. Loved Judy's comment. Also, like that train t-shirt. Labs are really amazing dogs. He is going to have such a great time.

  6. Haha, Now ya got the girls worrying if your wearing underwear or not,,,,,:-)

  7. Hope you all have a safe trip, have lots of fun!!! Angela

  8. I'm hoping you have some boxers with hearts on them..just a little surprise that Donna would find hilarious...I am ready to go, let's hit the road!!

  9. Looks like you have it all covered and are ready. Cute picture of Riggs waiting for that treat.

  10. Riggs is going to love this vacation. We'll be following along for sure! Not long now.

  11. now inquiring minds do want to know are you planning on going 'comando'??? enjoy your vacation you both certainly deserve it...be safe out there

  12. Commando?? How'd that get started?? And yes have a good trip down to the warm lands. Riggs is so smart, I'm surprised he can't get the treats out of the cupboard by himself.........

  13. I think we are almost as excited to read about your trip as you are to go!

    ps keep an eye out for the new Beneful dog food commercial about the Black Lab who is working hard to make his master smile.... has to do with a green tennis ball. TOOOO cute!~
    Karen and Steve
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