Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday Happenings.

Well it is 02:00PM and 70 degrees here at the ranch, sunny and nice for the last couple of hours, we woke up to a warm rain. Supposed to be a storm front coming in the next hour with rain and it will lower the temp to the middle 50’s . even so a lot better that snow and freezing temps.

Rigg’s is snoring away on his bed, he is happy as a lark and dreaming with his tail and feet going.

Donna I napping too, she has the night shift at the restaurant tonight.

I am just sitting around here in the kitchen, have no plans to leave the house ,so the truck will stay in the garage, just a lazy day here at the ranch.

All the snow is gone and I hope we have seen the last of it for this year, Last year we had one snowfall in March and it was a doozy, sixteen inches, All I can hope is we miss it this year.

That’s about it for today hope all is well with all our friend out there. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna……


  1. Nice to see that it's warming up a bit more for you there, Sam. It's been raining here in Eugene for the last week. Saw on the weather report this morning that there might be some sunshine south of us, so we loaded the doggies in the van and headed down the road. An hour driving south on I-5 got us into Oakland, Oregon. It was great there, so rain. We were able to walk the dogs on the sidewalks and they were just great. Everytime we can introduce them to new places and new things, they learn that it's not so scary out there in the world. Jewel is the most outgoing of the two, and she went right up to a woman who came out of one of the antique stores and let her pet her, even rolled over for a tummy rub. Ollie learned not to bark at people who were coming and going. They both enjoyed the great walk and also all the wonderful new smells in the park there. It was worth the drive to find a place without rain for awhile. It's raining again here at home.

  2. While we are finally getting some warmth and sunshine here in Texas, Illinois now has flooding, tornadoes, and then back into the deep freeze. I cannot think of a better place to be FROM!