Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday Musings.

We have a nice sunny mild spring day here in Dardenne Prairie .The temps are in the middle 50’s, plus the winds from the last couple of days have died down some.

Donna went out to breakfast with her girlfriend Renee this morning, Renee lost her husband at a very premature age I believe in his 40’s last year, and she called Donna and said lets get together I need someone to talk to. They have been besties since Renee used to work with her at the restaurant. I am glad they got out together.

Want to hear some good news, a Somali pirate boat attacked what it thought was a freighter off the Somalia coast, turns out the freighter was the Guided Missile Frigate USS Nicholas, a US Navy warship, the Nicholas sank the pirate boat and then found the mother ship and boarded it and arrested 5 more pirates. here is the link


Surprise, Surprise, A hearty Well Done to the crew of the USS Nicholas.FFG-47.

As an aside my son Tim was stationed aboard the sister ship of the Nicholas, the USS Rentz FFG 46, he was the gun captain of the ships 5in. mount which I am sure is what what used to sink a small pirate boat.


                              USS Rentz FFG-46.


My son Tim during Desert Storm aboard the USS Rentz.

I guess I can be a proud father once in awhile, he is now an accomplished hunter and fisherman and raising three girls in New Jersey. His oldest Daughter Allie, races sports cars, his stepgirls Katy & Meghen are into horse’s,surfing, hunting, fishing, karate, Katy also plays the piano. I am a proud Grandpaw too.

Well that’s about it for today, hope all is well with all our friends out there, even the one’s heading home to cold Canada, we have a month to go until the Rally in Indiana, have to be there on May 8th.

I’ll let Sgt Phill say it today.


Sgt. Sam & Donna………


  1. We would like to attend another rally someday. Depends if the location can fit into our plans.

  2. Our son was in Desert Storm onboard the USS JFK...very proud of both our sons...It had to be very scary to be there when no one knew how the Iraqui's would react to it..