Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Meanderings.

WE are having another sunny day in the middle 80’s again. I could go for this weather year round here in Dardenne Prairie. Donna went out in the back yard and did some limb cutting and burning. I went to the store for a milk and meat run for the week.Since Donna is only home on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, we get our meats and chicken for the week so it will last. Of course Andy and Samantha and I have to eat all week but they sometimes go out, I I just have a cold supper, like a sandwich.

Been lovin the fact that I can buy a dozen nice hard rolls at The Wal Mart for the princely sum of $3.00, they bake all their baked goods and donuts right on site now. As a comparison the Schnucks Store want 75cents each for a hard roll.won’t be buying there now. Their deli meats are also cheaper. and good quality. But they couldn’t beat Shop & Save today on sliced ham for $3.99 a lb. I see hot ham and cheese sandwich's in my future this week. It’s usually $5.99lb.

At that price I can sneak Rigg’s a slice too.

I also found one six pack of Moosehead Beer in the cooler, so I brought it home for my next special occasion, Donna’s birthday is coming up on the 24th of this month so since she doesn’t drink beer I can celebrate it for her. What a guy..

We are still not planning anything except a trip to Branson on Sept 22nd to celebrate Donna’s brother Pat and his wife Kathy’s 50th anniversary, we will be there several days and I want to stop and visit with Ron and Ali Workentin at the Campground they manage.

I do want to make one more trip while it’s till warm weather and then plan something for this winter.

That’s about it for today, Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. Hey Sam we will be at the Escapees Turkey Creek RV Village in Branson from Sept 5 to Oct 1 give us a shout and we can meet up.

    P.S. I promise Max won't pick on Riggs this time..lol

  2. Never been to Branson...Dennis avoids all big cities if he can, but I would like to visit someday! If you meet up with Kenny and Angela, keep an eye on your supply of beer...JUST KIDDING KENNY!

  3. You and my hubby and your hard rolls. We keep saying we're going to get to Branson sometime but just never seem to fit it into the plans. Have a good time.

  4. Branson sounds like fun - always wanted to go there but will probably never make it . That's a great price on ham - maybe Riggs can have TWO slices!!

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