Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wednesday/Thursday Happenings.

Today started as another sunny and nice day here in Dardenne Prairie. Donna and I just stayed around the house, until I got a text message that I had a prescription ready to be picked up. So I got the truck out and headed over to Schnucks Pharmacy to pick it up, when I got my Medicare supplement I went with the one from my Doctors, since he wasn’t covered on the AARP providers. The only difference as price was pretty close was if I wanted generic drugs without any cost I had to get my drugs at Schnucks , rather than Walgreens. If I am away from a Schnucks area they will go ahead and let me and use Walgreens so that will cover us when we are traveling, also my refills are for 3 months so I will usually have a supply to cover travel too.

My truck is usually in the garage, and I don’t go out much with it maybe once a week. Donna’s Escape gets used for her to go to work and if Andy needs to go someplace when Samantha has his car at work. He rides to his job with his boss, so he doesn’t need it and that leaves a car for her to go to work in.

Today I decided to try and find a solution to a problem we have had with our cook station in the kitchen, it is a Jenn-aire, and for those that don’t know Jenn-aire was bought out by Maytag. About a year ago the switch for the exhaust fan melted down, and when I went to several appliance places I was told the same thing they don’t make the switch anymore, I must have sent 25 e-mails trying to locate some parts place that had one on the shelf but with no luck. No craigslist, no e-bay and no Amazon.

The other day when looking through my auto parts tune up cabinet for something else I came across a switch from an old long gone set of fog lights from some truck I had in the past.I took it up stairs and tried it in the square hole left for the switch and it was just a hair to big, after some judicious filing it slid right is and I wired it up and presto just like new. We now have an exhaust fan again, I sure missed it with anything boiling, or smoky.

Donna is getting ready to go to the restaurant and I am getting ready to give myself my shot for today, and then think about what I am going to do about supper for just me.

That’s about it for today. Hope all is well with all our friends out there. Be safe. Sam & Donna…….


  1. Nice save with that switch. Jim always tells me that all those things will get used even if I don't think they will.

  2. Great find Sam. Russ saves stuff like that but the item we need always seems to go into hiding when we look for it. Glad you got your exhaust fan back.

  3. You are becoming a bit "MacGyveristic", Sam.

  4. Good job on fixing the switch.