Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tuesday&Wednesday Musings

First I would Like to Welcome my 1179th follower RUNNINGMEMAW she has a blog and it has many great pictures. Hope you enjoy seeing what’s going on at the Weeb Ranch and also when Donna & I get out in the fiver.

Tuesday was a good day here at the Weeb Ranch, Grand Nicky came to stay until the end of the week, she had just gotten some body paintings so she said she would model them for her Grandpa.





It was a nice day sunny & about 85 degrees. so she played around the house.

This morning on Wednesday Grandpa had to go to Walmart for a new mouse, the old one stopped while Donna was using it last night. Nicky said she would go with me so we headed over to Wally World. While we were there Nicky saw a new baby she couldn’t live without, and asked Grandpa if we could adopt here.

So here is Rilye. She also got a pumpkin seat and bed so Rilye would be comfortable in her new home with her new Mom.


                                   Nicky & Rilye.

Nicky has spent the day being a good Mom and taking care of her new baby. Grandpa also bought here a packet of driveway chalks so she can be creative on the driveway outside.

Donna is taking one more night off and said she will be going in to the restaurant tomorrow night. I am so glad she is doing better, still has a persistent cough though.

Rigg’s and Dad are just laying around and not doing much, I have to get the truck over to Wal-mart to have a leak in the one tire fixed, when I bought the tires a bought the road hazard package so I will see if it is covered.

That’s about it for today. Hope all is well for all our friends. Be  safe out there. Sam & Donna……

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  1. It's nice to see your granddaughter enjoying her new doll. I've wondered if the kids nowadays do that anymore.