Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts.

Can’t believe it’s Tuesday already, where did Monday go, It was like we went right from Sunday to Tuesday.

Later I’ll look around and see if Monday is laying around someplace or in a trash bag or something.

We are having another sunny and mild day with a temperature of 80 in the mid afternoon. Just great weather for this time of the year.

Donna is rearranging the kitchen cabinets and getting rid of stuff we don’t use anymore.

Seems like even though it is summer not a lot of people are traveling, even the full timers seem to be staying in one place longer.

I would really like to get out for a trip, but Donna is till not 100 %, so it will have to wait, but the fiver and truck are ready to go whenever we are.

Rigg’s is always ready to go. He gets so excited if he see’s me put a ball cap on as he knows I will be going out, Donna said yesterday when I went to the store, he cried and pouted the whole time I was gone because he didn’t get to go. Then when you walk back in it’s like you were gone forever.

Since Donna is home all day most days, and Samantha and Andy are back to work now. Sadie has been keen on getting Grandma’s affection and sitting on her lap as much as she’s allowed to.


Try to play Candy Games or Scrabble on the laptop when you have your hands full of Yorkie.

Rigg’s has to be content with Dad or Andy’s lap as he is to big and heavy for Donna.

Donna said tonight is going to be dead chicken night so I am looking forward to supper.

Not much else going on here at the ranch, we hope all is well with all our friends out there. Be safe. Sam & Donna…


  1. I often lose days and have absolutely no idea where they went. Sure hope Donna gets to feeling 100% and you guys can take off for a few weeks. Skittlez loves it since I'm home with her a lot now. She is definitely a lap dog but small enough it's okay.

  2. I haven't been 100% since having cancer.... So I can't let that be a limiting factor when we go somewhere... Just have to limit how far we move each day and slow down alot..... But then that is kind of how getting older goes... Slowing down.. I have learned that traveling until 1 PM is A OK... Some days leaving at 11 AM and arriving at 1 is just fine...

  3. some days just run into one and other! my week has been like that too!!
    better get busy and get some stuff done before the 'boss' gets home!