Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday Notes.

Was up earl for coffee, couldn’t sleep, with Donna still not feeling well, she has decided to stay home again tonight from the restaurant.

We slept good last night with the A/c back in order, Thursday we used the attic fan and it kept the inside temp down to about 79 degree’s.

The repair guy was out yesterday afternoon, and he managed to find both parts, the valve for in the house and a new high pressure shutoff switch. To replace the inside valve he had to remove and save all the Freon, replace the valve, vacuum out the system and then refill it with Freon and do a leak check.When he got all done and went to start it the fan outside wouldn’t start, so he went to the truck, and luckily he had a replacement that would fit. After that it fired up and ran fine. All the parts were covered under warranty, but the labor for the two trips was $385. I know it is high but he stayed an hour the first day and three hours yesterday, so I knew it would not be cheap. The whole time he was here yesterday it rained lightly for all his outside work.

Today it turned out sunny and hot, it is 87 degrees now and is supposed to go to 90. The house is nice and cool again.

It took about 4 or 5 hours last night to pump out all the humidity from the house and bring the inside temp down to 76 which was what the thermostat was set at.

Rigg’s is sure happy and is laying near one of the A/C ducts with a big smile on his face. When I got up this morning he wasn’t sleeping in his usual spot in the hallway, I looked on both couch’s in the living room. Then I found him asleep on the bed in the guest room.

Went to the pharmacy yesterday and picked up some prescriptions for Donna, she is slowly coming back to normal, with her breathing problems, any cough wreaks havoc on her.

Well that’s about it for now hope everyone is having a great weekend. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. I'm glad Donna is taking it easy and giving herself a chance to recover. The woman just does not know how to slow down. I know how happy you must be with the air working again - that's how I felt last week when we had no electric. Air never felt so good. Scooter plopped herself down under one of the vents and wouldn't move.

  2. I really begin to worry about Donna when she stays home from the job more than once. It's good when she can sleep in and maybe slow down that internal drive somewhat.

  3. Hope Donna gets back to feeling better soon. Glad to hear she will stay home and get some rest tonight. Even 76 sounds pretty warm. Glad you got the A/C fixed.