Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday Meanderings.

The days are winding down to Christmas. We are jut waiting now for the Grandkids to come over on Christmas Day. Donna and I have already given our presents early. She got the the oven thing and a bed spread,I got some some flannel jammies, that I live in in this weather and of course the obligatory underwear.

Donna will make the traditional Christmas Lasagna dinner which I always look forward to. It is usually about 4 inches tall with meat and all different kinds of cheese.

Rigg’s even gets a small slice cause it Christmas.

Rigg’s must have had a  talk with little sister Sadie, because today he was able to take his afternoon nap in his new bed. Donna was glad he got some use of of what was a birthday present for him, Sadie already has a small bed in the kitchen for her naps and was happy with it until she saw Rigg’s new bed.


           Rigg’s on his new bed snoozing today.

It is a cold cloudy day today at the ranch, it’s reached it’s high 0f 25degrees. I made a quick run in Donna’s car to the store for beer, and filled her car with gas for her. I keep telling her not to let it get below half a tank especially in below freezing weather, When I got in it today it was just above empty. Years ago they used to sell dry gas to put in the tank during the winter to prevent water from forming. But now with all the sensors on the cars, I don’t put additives in them at all. My diesel truck specifically tells you not to add anything, that the fuel has everything you need in the winter already added. Of course my Duramax is a 2004 so it doesn't use that additive that the new trucks need to meet emission standards.

Hope everyone has all their Christmas shopping done especially for the little ones. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…….


  1. Very Merry Christmas to you, Donna, Riggs, Sadie and all the rest of your family..don't eat too much.

  2. Does the underwear have candy canes on it? :)

  3. Way to go Riggs. Glad you got to use your bed for a change. I'm trying to pucture you with candy candy undies on. Ho Ho Ho

  4. With almost all of the gas containing alcohol now days it isn't necessary to add gas dryer like heat used to be... It was mostly alcohol anyway.... It was Methyl and corn alcohol is Ethyl but both of them attract the water and feed it on thru the engine rather than leaving it in your tank... Send me a piece of that Lasagna.... Its cold enough outside that it wouldn't spoil..... LOL Merry Christmas.... Rod

  5. That gas level in the car sounds like something I would do. All's well that ends well.