Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, December 16, 2013

Today is Rigg’s Day.

It doesn’t seem possible but 5 years ago today on 12-16-08 a black furball was born who came into our home here at the Weeb Ranch  on 02-01-09 when he was just 8 weeks old. and nothing has been the same since.
To say he took the castle by storm would be an understatement. He has filled it with his love and presence and everyday is a joy with him.
Rigg’s at 8 weeks his first day here at the Ranch.
                       Rigg’s at one years old.
                     Rigg’s at two years old.
                Rigg’s on right at three years old.
                   Rigg’s at four years old.
Donna went shopping and got him a present for his fifth birthday. A brand new bed.
Sadie,Rigg's & Donna12-16-13a
Looks like it has already passed the sniff test.
The snow is slowly melting the temperature is supposed to get up to 39 with plenty of sunshine.
Be glad to see that gone,and maybe stay dry for awhile, haven’t taken the truck out of the garage yet this week.
Donna went to the store while she was shopping today so no need to leave for awhile, although I do need an inspection on my truck before the end of the month to renew my plate for another year.
Hope all is well with everyone out there in blog land. We will be parting with Rigg’s today. Be safe out there.Sam & Donna……


  1. Woof, Woof, Woof. From Skittlez and Scooter. Happy Birthday big boy. You make everybody happy.

  2. Add my birthday wishes for that handsome fellow.

  3. Happy Birthday Riggs - and many more!!

  4. Riggins is one of the prettiest (most handsome) Black Labs I have ever seen. He would have been a great mate for our girl, Gypsy, in her heyday..We still miss her...HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU BIG GULLOOT!

  5. happy birthday Riggs!!! you have grown into a very 'houndsome boy'!!!!