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Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Musings.

Still in the artic deep freeze mode here in Dardenne Prairie Mo.Low of 12 this morning and I think we reached our high today of 25. Donna is off today and is making a stew for dinner.
The biggy for today was the body shop called and said my mirror is in and to bring the truck in to have it repaired.
Don’t know if I told anybody but about a month ago I smashed the passenger side mirror backing out the the garage, It is the extendable tow mirror with heat, and signals.
I took it for two estimates and the first one was $850 to replace the broken mirror. Yeah you read it right, unbelievable. When I told my insurance man he said if it was more than $750 I would have an accident against my record, If it was less then there would be no record of the incident.Since I have the lowest rates and deductibles State Farm offers, I didn’t want to take a chance that so I got another estimate and told the body guy what the score was, he said he would look for a used mirror and that would bring the price down to about $650 which was in the insurance company’s range. Trouble is finding them.
At 02:00PM I was pulling in front of The Body Shop in O’fallon MO.
The Body Shop12-09-13a
                           The Before picture.
                              Old mirror removed.
The new to me mirror, looks brand new and all functions work.
The Body Shop did a great job on the repair and the truck was only tied up an hour, I waited while it was done.
Now we can plan a trip and have the tow vehicle back in top shape.
Got home and decide to post this, Hey all my buddies out there with 2500 and 3500 HD GM and Chev trucks, Denny and Rick and I’m sure there are others. try to keep from smashing your mirrors, they are expensive to replace.
Nothing much else going on here at the Ranch, hope all is well with all our friends out there. Be safe. Sam & Donna…


  1. Hope you learned your lesson with that mirror! That's almost as bad a a bumper replacement because of a couple small holes from a rear ender. Hey, tell Donna that I'll jump in our pool if you'll jump in yours!

  2. You were fortunate they could find the exact replacement mirror, and the installation looks great! Careful, now.

  3. Do you think the Ford would be any cheaper....? They slide in and out and have expensive written all over them too.... LOL

  4. Nothing with a truck is cheap. One of our keys to the F350 will not lock the doors. All other programs on the key work. The cost of a new key? $180.00! We will use the other one, thank you very much. Or use the inside button when exiting the truck to lock it.