Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, December 20, 2013


Was up at 04:30Am and the temp was 58 degrees, it got up to 64 degrees this afternoon, even though the sun left us and it has been cloudy and misty, the temp is hanging in there. very good for December. Supposed to drop to 31 tonight and thebe a seasonable 30-35 for the next two days.

Got my New Jersey Grands school pictures today. They are my son Tim and his girlfriend Bonnie’s girls.


Meghen’s 3rd Grade Picture.

Katy's Kintergarden Pic12-13

Katy’s Kindergarten Picture.

Both are fearless with there Mom&Tim.s outdoor lifestyle, hunting, fishing, shooting, Archery, and surfing in the ocean. We are so proud of them and their parents.


Lugar the Granddog.

Looks like a hairy version of Rigg’s and about the same size. Great hunting dog.

Just wanted everyone to know that convection oven Donna got, did that Ham to perfection nice and juicy through and through, I have been eating leftover ham for the last two days. Since it doesn’t take up much space it will be going with us on our trips in the fiver.

All the snow is gone so now we can just wait until the next round. Maybe we’ll get lucky this winter and there won’t be much of a snow fall.

Had to make a run to Shop & Save since Rigg’s needed dog food, since Donna’s car was out I just drove it.The truck can stay in the garage as long as it likes.

You should see Rigg’s when he see’s the dog food bag being carried in he holds the door open and supervises you pouring from the bag into hi big plastic container. What a happy guy. For a long time the dog food I buy him came in a bright yellow bag with a picture of a black lab on it.Today I noticed they changed the picture to a Great Dane, but Rigg’s didn’t care. it still is a yellow bag to him.

Nothing much else doing here at the Ranch, Donna has the restaurant detail tonight. I can see a train movie in my future. Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna……..


  1. Every dog I've had loved to see the big dog food bag coming through the door, and then wanted to supervise while it was being poured into the container. Only thing better was bringing in a new bag of treats and opening it - they gotta test it to make sure it's ok! Aren't dogs just wonderful.
    Your NJ granddaughters are beautiful!

  2. I so love that Lugar's photo..He is a crazy ass lookin' dog..and his name is spot on...Surprised our son-in-law the cop didn't name their dog that...I would love a convection oven,,at home and in the Hiker!

  3. Those are some cute grandgirls. Glad you're enjoying some good ham. I love ham so much, I married one haha!!