Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts.

Still cold here, got up to 16 degrees, but this afternoon it is up to 35 degrees now and the snow on the driveway and patio is melting. Rigg’s picked out a couple of pics from the vault for us today.
Dad, I’m ready anytime you and Mom are for another vacation trip.
Dad, remember this, you and me swimming together, I Love swimming.
Wish I could tell him when, but we still don’t know yet, heck it’s almost as cold down south as it is here. I’d rather wait for some warmer temperatures, Leaning toward south Texas, don’t want to drive at far as Arizona /Calif. and we will probably visit our friends Paul and Helen and the girls(Labs) later in the spring when they recover from wintering in Mexico. So we are watching our pennies right now.
Donna is off today and she decided to get out of the house this afternoon and get some running done. That’s wife talk for shopping.
That’s about it for now, Everyone be safe out there in your travels, and I hope the cold spell ends for you soon. Sam & Donna………..


  1. It's so cold everywhere except for Florida that you night as well hang in there and wait a while longer. Days off are always filled with things to be done.

  2. Hey, that pool looks pretty warm Sam. That doesn't count.

  3. It will eventually get warmer and we can't do a thing to rush it. Just about every part of the country is feeling the cold. The pool sure is tempting!

  4. We are going to stay at the Alamo Rec-rv park. They have a special buy two months and get third free. We are headed there now.

  5. We go to Falcon Lake waaay South,, but you don't swim there..and it's surely NOT an RV park and not much to do..but that is why we like it..

    1. Is that the place on the Mexico border on the other side of the Lake? Sam...

  6. Not to burst your bubble, buy its only about 100 miles farther to Az than it is to Brownsville..............

  7. It is even snowing in Jerusalem....