Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Musings.

Well after being a nice mild day in the 50 yesterday, I woke up to 10 degrees, then it dropped to 7 degrees, with the wind blowing hard enough to make it a a wind chill of minus 20. Donna had to leave for Walgreens at 07:45AM in those temperatures. I on the other hand stayed in where it was warm and cozy.
The mutso’s just ran out did there thing and ran back in and then laid on Rigg’s bed and curled up to stay warm.
With the sun out the looks are deceiving, supposed to stay like this past Wednesday. I for one will sure be looking forward to warm days and nights. hopefully by the middle of March, MO. generally starts warming up in March but last year we also had an 18 inch snowfall in March.
I am guessing with Donna just starting he job, that we won’t be heading south in April like the last two years. I hope we do, but if not it will be May before we get the wheels turning, I have a couple jobs to do as soon as the weather breaks, Wheel bearings must be regreased, and brakes on the fiver checked for wear. The truck might need tires by then also, but is in good shape as far as grease and oil goes. just changed the fuel filter so I have a spare to take with me.
Appreciated the suggestions on keeping warm in my recliner, believe me  if he thought he could get away with it  Rigg’s would be up on top of me in the chair in a minute. but when he was younger he was discouraged from jumping on people so he is still hesitate to do it although I can see the wheels turning as he looks at me relaxing in the chair. He will bring toy after toy over and put them on my lap until I have a lapful of toys, then Sadie will sneak over and snatch one and run with it to hide it.
My Son Tim and his girlfriend Bonnie are down in Florida with Bonnie’s parents, they are both avid hunters and outdoorspeople. Here is the result of their bore hunt.
In red Bonnies Dad and friend, then Tim & Bonnie.and invited guests.
Looks like they will have plenty of pork steaks and chops when they are done with these guys.
Looks like it is jackets and shorts weather down there near Lake Okeechobee.
That’s about it for today, hope all is well with all our friends, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna……


  1. Well, it would seem that Tim has found himself a pretty good match.
    It was sunny and flippin' cold here today as well. Only bothers me when I can't quite keep my hands warm scraping off the driveway. We got maybe 3-4 inches of powder overnight.

  2. Feral hogs are a problem all over the south. Good to see some get dispatched.

  3. Our son, Kelly and his wife have hunted them too...and they say they are very good eating!

  4. Our son and his wife would be right out there hunting with them. It is way too cold over your way. I'm not sure we could even get our girls outside without having to pick them up and carry them out.

  5. Those boars remind me of my college roommate who used to go javelina hunting. Sounds good but those bad boys look ferocious!

  6. Wild boars. Many homeless and hungry people can be fed with their meat as well as those who hunt deer.

  7. Ok, how do you get a sample of fresh ham steak...? Like Judy says, feral hogs are a real problem all over the rang they cover.... So its too bad they didn't get more.....