Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wednesday Meanderings.


Happy New Year

Today is New Years Day, 2013 is out of here, and 2014 has taken it’s place .Can’t seem to feel like the years are flying by.

Donna and I hope everyone has a great year and it is filled with fun and prosperity for all.

Didn’t do much last night with Donna at work, she said she made it home in time for midnight and that Rigg’s did not like all the gunfire out there in the country.

Donna will be working again tonight, so Rigg’s and I will have the watch in my bed.

Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna……..


  1. Have a fun and safe 2014! Happy New Year!


  2. Happy New Year to you and Donna and the fur kids.

  3. We certainly didn't see midnight at our house. The neighbors had fireworks but since one of the girls didn't go nuts, it was easy to go back to sleep. Happy New Year to all of you there in Dardenne Prairie.

  4. Happy New Year Sam and Donna. Have a wonderful year. Maybe Riggs can write one of his famous letter about how he feels about fireworks and gunshots haha!!

  5. Happy New Year to the whole darn Weibel clan!

  6. Steve konked out about 9... trying to recover from his flu bug...but I woke him up at midnight for a smooch to his forehead anyhow.

    Karen and Steve
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  7. All the best to you folks in 2014. Hope y'all can get in some mighty great RV traveling. Get it down now soon as you can while you can...............