Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, January 31, 2014


It seems like the weeks are flying by, even with the cold weather and snow we had here it if Friday again. It was 27 degrees when I got up.Put some anisette in my coffee and I was nice and warm. The high is supposed to be in the mid 30’s , with a chance for some freezing rain. Donna has the restaurant tonight, but my truck will stay in the garage. My Son had an appointment to have his inspection and emissions check today but when he got there, the machine they use for the emissions part of it was out of service, so he has to come back, hopefully tomorrow, Boy am I glad diesel engines don’t need emission checks in MO. in 2015 they are going to something called tier 4 emissions and all the new 2015 diesel trucks will need to be checked. But I have been told the old ones will be grandfathered and not require them. I have to say compared to the 93 diesel I had before this one(2004) I never see any smoke from my Duramax even under load in the mountains, my old truck when you were pulling the fiver as soon as you got past half throttle you had a pretty good stream of black smoke, didn’t do it unless you put a load on it, if you were empty it didn’t smoke.
I read quite a few blogs each day and it seems to me that unless you are in Arizona or So Calif. the temperatures are below normal. Texas, and Florida unless you are in the keys are still cold, out friends in south Texas, Mustang Island, an Port Aransas are reporting cooler than normal temps. Since I like to sit around and soak in a pool, in addition to soaking in a bar once in awhile. I think I will wait another two months and about April start bugging Donna about a vacation, That way the water on the Gulf coast will be warmer and the day temps high.
How about a Navy picture, these pictures  from the middle 60’s are getting hard to find, this is a single engine UH2a probably from my old squadron HC-2.
UH2A making pickup
                                   Break Hover we have em in.
Boy what you wouldn’t give to go back to those days when it didn’t take much to make for an exciting day.
Not much excitement here at the ranch, Rigg's  got to chase his nemesis the feral cat of the property today, he likes nothing better than to give it a good run.
Hope all is well with all our friends out there, Please be safe. Sam & Donna………


  1. I'd like to borrow Riggs to chase the two feral cats that have been hanging around my property lately.

  2. I love those old Navy pictures you show up with...Start planning a Spring short trip and then keep making the trips longer!

  3. Hey Sam we are saving you a spot here in the desert come on down..

  4. Well, AZ lost it's warm temperatures today. Of course, we're nothing like you guys but our high was only in the 60's. When you're used to 80 that's cold. Be safe.

  5. Ha... you must have meant Riggens in that last paragraph? I know Duke was your dog before ... aww we never forget them, do we?

    Our Duke is doing better today and acting like his old self, thank goodness!

    Karen and Steve
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