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Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Musings.

First it is into the hot season here at the ranch with the thermometer reading 102 yesterday, I so wish we were parked in the shade someplace and just soaking in the pool.

Yesterday was Donna’s birthday, since she already blabbed it on FB, I can safely say she celebrated her 65th. Still looks good for an old lady. We went to the restaurant of her choice, O’Charlies, in OFallon. she wanted a prime rib, and so I said I really had a taste for a Filet Mignon. Having eaten there in the past I thought it would be a wise choice, Donna ordered her prime rib and it came back just superb. When I ordered my Filet, the waitress said they no longer carried Filets on the menu, ended up with a Bacon Cheeseburger. I just don’t have good luck with other cuts of steak. a Filet is always so tender and juicy. Donna got a cocktail and I had a tall Sam Adams Boston Lager on draft. All in all I know Donna had a great birthday meal. Mine was so-so.


Donna's prime ribSam08-214a

            The Birthday Girl, Her Dinner, and Sam.

I want to thank everyone for their confidence in the last few days of dissent on the blog, Maybe I violated a rule of blogging, No Political Opinions allowed. If so I am sorry. I hate the thought of losing the friendship of someone I had thought was a friend and supporter. However life must go on and have to say that the 30 years I served in the Dellwood/Ferguson area we vastly pleasurable and I came away with many, many friends of all kinds. Yes even criminals,some were just the victims of dumb choices, and later would tell me so and be glad we parted friends. That was a big part of my life and like my Navy experiences I will never forget them.

I hope all is well with all of our blogger friends and Rigg’s says to say hi to all his blogger fur friends. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna……..


  1. That prime rib dinner looks so delicious. From where I sit 65 seems pretty young, and I wish Donna many, many more happy birthdays!

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  3. Sam, our differences arose over an issue we happen to disagree on. Although it's difficult, it's not personal as far as I'm concerned.

    I considered you a blogging friend before and still do. If I were to run across you anywhere I'd be happy to buy you a "tall Sam Adams Boston Lager" and LISTEN to your point of view and also to share mine.

    Avoiding conflict at all costs isn't always the answer - more often than not dealing with conflict leads to better understanding and solutions.

  4. Good to hear about the birthday celebrations! These little blog battles seem to appear now and then. I have noticed similar battles showing up in emails with friends and daughters. Something to do with communication via the instant written word, things get a bit garbled. You can't clarify, you can't pay attention to non verbal cues that make it all more understandable. Mo and I have widely opposite political views and yet we share a home peacefully. She watches Fox I watch CNN. It all works. I am so glad that this little blog glitch is fading. Funny, over the years, most of those kinds of blog glitches become long forgotten history. I remember the verbal wars, but have no idea what they were about! Take care.

  5. I like filet mignon too, but in this case, I think that prime rib looks delicious. I don't care for conflict at all, so I try to stay out of all political rantings.

  6. There is no need for you to apologize or explain your views. You did nothing wrong. People read what's inside them and not what was inside the writer. To continue this type of dialog only makes it worse. It doesn't lead to understanding or solutions.

  7. Just think - one couple with widely different political views - James Carville and Mary Matalin. Now that is some team! They've made it work for over 25 years. The rest of us need to take a page from their book.

    The real issue is - Prime Rib vs. Filet Mignon!

  8. Happy Birthday Donna. You and I are the same age - exciting isn't it. lol Since we're heading east next week I sure hope it cools down a little bit.

  9. Happy Birthday to Donna! You are a brave man for even mentioning the word old in the same sentence with her birthday:))

  10. There is no need to apologize for or to avoid political opinions, my Blog contains many of mine. In some cases we disagree and sometimes we very strongly disagree! This was one of those times.

  11. Am late in getting to the party but a belated Happy Birthday Donna & of course all the best to Sam.