Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Notes.

For the last week or so Donna has been having increasingly worse problems with her breathing condition. (COPD). Early this morning at about 04:00AM  she had trouble breathing and chest pains. I took her to the ER at St Josephs West Hospital in Lake St Louis. They said she had CPOD aggravated by an early onset infection, She has been admitted to the hospital to have heart enzymes and lung function test to rule out a heart attack, or any further heart damage. She was a lot more comfortable and resting waiting for the tests later this morning when I left her. Been a scary night for both of us. We will keep you posted when we hear anything else. Thy did say she would not be released today as they had a full day of test planned.

I guess you can see why she has been reluctant to go camping this summer. I am just glad I was home when this happened since I had planned a short trip but just cancelled at the last minute.

I will be going back to the hospital this afternoon hopefully after all the tests are done.

On a happier note my youngest New Jersey Grand won another group of ribbons at the Legacy Ranch.




                         Meghen Katie& Dude.



We are so proud of those girls, They are very good at almost everything they do.

Be safe .Sam & Donna.


  1. Things like that are very scary. Tell Donna we here at the Bayfield Bunch are thinking of her & wishing her all the best. And the rest of you guys too.

  2. Hope she gets out of hospital real quick...there are sick people in there!

  3. tell Donna we are all praying for her and wishing her the best of healing love and energy..... please keep us updated Sam!

  4. Wishing her a quick recovery and hope she is breathing better real soon. Take care.

  5. Be sure and tell Donna that we're praying for a quick recovery. It is so scary when our spouses get sick. Hugs to both of you and hoping for good test results.

  6. Sam, Please tell Donna we are thinking of her and keeping her in our prayers.

  7. Oh land, prayers going your way.....!

  8. I hope you get better soon Sis. I will call you from Lake ST. Clair when you get out.

  9. Please give Donna a hug from me and know that you are both in my prayers.

    I can see why you are proud of those girls!

  10. We will be keeping her in our thoughts for a quick recovery!

  11. So sorry to hear this news. I am praying for Donna and you, too, Sam.

  12. This dang humid weather is a real pain to people with any kind of breathing issue...Hope she is better and they find out what happened...keeping her in our prayers.