Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thursday Happenings.

Not a bad day it was sunny and got up to 50 degrees.Rigg’s and Charlie had a good morning of play and then took a nap. Sadie just got under the table and laid down and didn’t want to join the play. Charlie just gets to rough with her, if it’s just Rigg’s she will play tug with him.

Hey how about a couple of throwbacks. it is Thursday.

Donna&Sam 1982

Donna & Sam 1982 in Pigeon Forge.

Donna & Friend1982

Donna & friend at Silver Dollar City 1982.

Sam 1982

Sam at Silver Dollar City 1982,

Niece Tammy 1982

                   Niece Tammy 1982.

That was the trip where we went to the Knoxville Worlds Fair.Then Pigeon Forge and the Smokey Mountains.It was a good vacation.

Not much else doing here at the ranch. Hope all is well with all our friends heading south. I hope we maybe get a chance to head south for a little while this winter, no snow plowing or winter wanted for this guy.I also think warmer weather will be easier on Donna breathing and since the oxygen machine will work in the fiver and I have a tank in case of a power failure, plus the generator, I think we should be set. Be safe out there. Sam &Donna…..


  1. I really like to see pictures from the past.

  2. Come on down for some nice clear & cool crisp pollution free Arizona air. Lots of sunny days & healthy ways.

  3. Love that first picture of you and Donna dressed up for the wild west!


  4. I agree..you two should get away..Sometimes I feel better just walking into the Hiker...Mental and physical go hand in hand..

  5. Hope you guys do get to go south. Are you considering Texas? I think getting out of the cold will do you both good. Helen