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Monday, November 10, 2014

Veterans Day.



Today at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of the year. We celebrate, A US holiday to commemorate all who served their country in the Armed Services.


The poppy has come to be representative of Veterans day, and as it is known in Canada as Remembrance Day. I got mine when I went to the store from a VFW rep in front of the store.I put it on my Navy ball cap until it wears out.

As you all know I am a US Navy veteran, having served from 1966-1970 in a Rescue Helicopter Squadron ( HC-2) as an aircrewman/rescue swimmer. Even today when someone Thanks me for my service , I will tell them your welcome, but in all honesty I had the best times of life during that period, I loved flying and the high you got when you did make a rescue. As I remember it it was very young men 18-26 years old doing jobs that had no counterpart in the civilian world, since I flew from aircraft carriers I got to see exactly how dangerous it was.As I said it was kid’s who were forced to grow up and do a mans job all at once.

Here’s a few before and after shots.Sam Weibel USSShangri-La1967 

Sam USS Shangri-LaCVA381967a

                 Sam USS Shangri-La 1967

Sam USS IndependenceCVA621969b

              Sam USS Independence 1969.


Sam 2014 Together We Served Reunion.

Quite a difference 45 years makes.


The Wall, if in DC visit it someday, you will be glad you did.

I want to thank all my blogger friends out there, that served time in the armed forces and are now US Veterans.Thanks guys and gals, for giving this great country a part of your lives.A big Bravo Zulu and Hand salute to all of you.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna……….


  1. Wonderful post, thank you for your service!

  2. Great post, Sam! Being in the military, especially during war time, certainly leaves you with lots of memories.

  3. There's no way we can ever thank our Veterans, but we can try. Thank you for this reminder.

  4. Very, very nice tribute and thank you for your service!

  5. Sam, I too appreciate the thank you's, but always felt my part was so small in comparison to many who gave there all. There wasn't much call for a signalman in civilian life either.

    1. John I always considered myself so lucky to be proficient in swimming and in good enough physical condition to pass the rigorous training I went through, but getting those wings pinned on was worth it and like I said,I enjoyed the vast majority of my service time. Sam..

  6. Wonderful tribute and post Sam. I am so grateful for those who have served our great country.

  7. John Hedges, there is no part too small. You were part of a well-oiled machine.........the US Military. Every cog and wheel matters so that the machine can function efficiently. Thank you, John, Sam, and All the veterans for your service and sacrifice. Helen

  8. Yes Sam you & I were in the Navy for a couple years at the same time only I was in the Canadian Navy. I spent time on a Canadian Destroyer. (DDH) & most of that time was spent in drydock as part of a skeleton crew aboard during a re-fit. We had a large helicopter deck & housing for a helicopter but never had a helicopter on board. Your time in the Navy was a whole lot more exciting than my time in the Navy. Great post.........

  9. Thank You for your service Sam.

    It's about time.