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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson/Dellwood Burn.

Spent most of the night watching the news, as most Americans & Canadians know, The St Louis County Grand Jury announced the verdict for Ferguson Police Officer, Darren Wilson who shot Micheal Brown to death in August.That announcement came about (09:30PM) CST  that no indictment had been issued.

It did not take long for the violence and looting to begin.

Over a dozen large fires were started in businesses on West Florissant Ave from Ferguson into Dellwood dozens of cars including at least 2 police units were burned, One police officer in a neighboring community was shot and wounded.This alone is a miracle since hundreds of shots were fire, some from automatic weapons in the area. The Fire Departments could not respond to the fires due to gunfire. Lambert St Louis Airport diverted incoming flights due to gunfire and limited flying to police and military aircraft.

In the past I have been accused of being a racist retired cop because of my views on rioting and looting. I will make it clear, I see nothing wrong with exercising our first amendment rights to dissent and demonstrate in a peaceful manner. But somebody out there tell me what gives someone the right to destroy and steal and use firearms in an unlawful manner and put the population at risk, because they don’t agree with someone else's opinion.


                Business’s on fire in Dellwood, My old beat.

StLouis County PDcarburnsFergMO.

            St Louis County PD Unit, victim of a fire bomb.


                       Pizza Rest burns in Ferguson MO.

Looters,FergMowith big screen TVfrom Aarons.

My favorite, two looters carry a big screen TV from Aarons Rental Ferguson MO.

Somebody tell me what this has to do with mourning a dead young person.

Anyway it looks like we will be having some hectic days here in the St Louis area.

Please pray for those Officers and Guardsmen. who will be out there in the trench's trying to get this situation under control.

So far it looks like a couple dozen businesses burned out on a stretch of West Florissant That runs from Solway Ave in Ferguson, through Dellwood to I-270. One report said the Dellwood City Hall and Police Station was on fire, if that’s true, That’s my old station house. So many memories of that area up in smoke.

Oh well I guess I am lucky to be retired and watching it on TV, someday I’ll drive back and take a look for myself.

All is well here at the Weeb Ranch, the pooches are doing fine, and beside being cold. life goes on.

Hope all is well with all our friends out there, Be safe. Sam & Donna………


  1. I thought of you all when I heard the decision last night, and I'm also glad you are retired and home safe and sound. I don't understand the violence and looting either. I don't know what happened when Michael Brown was killed, but I figure the Grand Jury had access to all the facts, and made the best decision they could. I stand by their decision. I guess that makes me a racist too.

  2. A night that the city of Ferguson will not forget..thought of you when we heard the decision. Rioting and looting be it because of a Grand Jury decision or a 'Stanley Cup Loss'..we have all watched on TV the damage caused by the action of others.

  3. All this rioting has nothing to do with the Grand Jury decision. It is only used as an excuse to justify criminal acts that are well thought out before hand. There have been racially motivated crimes in the past that didn't cause uprisings like this. Those causing the violence are their own worst enemies.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Karen said it well. My thoughts exactly. The grand jury decision is simply an excuse for the lawless to react. Looters gonna loot and rioters gonna riot! Stay safe Same and Donna.

  5. These people were rioting and looting simply because they are vandals and hoodlums, just like their dead Brother. What is it about hooligan these people do not understand. I thought the DA was very eloquent, detailed, and considerate in his delivery of the Grand Jury decision. Any concerned citizen could easily understand from the disclosed evidence that the "Gentle Giant" was a THUG. Why try and put a lot of lipstick on this young man?
    These people were being destructive and violent simply because this was the plan, and nothing interesting for them to watch on TV.

  6. Sam, you have a lot of readers out here who have been thinking of you since this whole situation began. I agree with you wholeheartedly. There is no connection between mourning a person and robbing stores, shooting at anything in sight, setting fires, etc.

  7. Like the others have said, I was thinking about you as I watched the news last night. The looting and arson and robbing was not about Michael. And I feel so sad for those people who's businesses were destroyed and all the people out of jobs today because of that. Glad you are home safe.

  8. Many comments already written express my feelings exactly. This is no longer about Michael. It's all about the rioters and violence that's going on right in their own hometown. The GJ came to a conclusion based on the evidence and facts that were presented to them. The rioters weren't interested in facts but only destruction. It's so sad for the town and for the rest of the people living there. The rest of this isn't about Michael at all. I wonder if this was the plan regardless of the outcome of the GJ.

  9. The sad thing about all of this is that that part of town will not be rebuilt anytime soon... Businesses will not be willing to take the chance again.. So these folks are destroying their own community, which will turn it into more of a Ghetto than it already was...