Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, September 23, 2012


As usual the trip had to start with me showing Dad where to sit and what direction he had to go. After  all  dogs have a very keen sense of directionclip_image001clip_image001[1]


Wasn’t too long of a trip and besides barking at a few motorcycles, I was good, honest.

Guess there isn’t ever going to be a trip that I don’t have to say sorry Mom.  You see it’s like this.  We weren’t at camp too long when there was this very loud horrible knocking on the door.  Mom said be quiet it’s Phyllis and Len, I don’t care if she gave those people names, I wasn’t going to let her be between me and them until I determined they were okay. You see I am a big boy and can sound very intimidating. Well Mom opened the door and I recognized them, they came to see ME! So I just pushed her a little, not my fault she fell backwards and Hit her head on the edge of the cabinet.  What is a goose egg anyway, I didn’t see any geese, and how could it get on your head ?  Anyway sorry Mom, I’ll try to be better.


See I told you they came to see me, you don’t see Len scratching Mom or Dad’s ears like that!



Geez, Mom you kept me up late last night guarding the camper while you were gone and then you get up early and turn on the lights. Haven’t you ever heard the saying “Leave sleeping dogs lie”? Well I was sleeping, oh well I just put the pillow over my head.

We then went and met John, Bridget, and Fred. Fred is small, not as small as my sister Sadie, but he is quiet.  Now why did he have to sit next to my dad?  Well if he is going to do that I’ll just go to his dad. He gives ears scratches almost as good as Len.clip_image005clip_image006

Haha, look at that jealous look on Fred’s face

We met Ken, Angela, Annie and Mad Max the other day and we all went to the doggie park


Mad Max.


                   Annie (Isn’t she beautiful)


Don’t let those short legs fool you, they don’t call him Mad Max for nothing.  I did beat him to the ball and THEN he jumped up and tried to get the ball out of my mouth.  Then he bit me, twice.  So I didn’t start that fight he did.  But I had to knock him over and show him my big boy teeth.  He is scrappy, he didn’t  give up. Ken had to come and separate us.  But all was good after that. We played and played until I had to take a break.


Ken scolding both of us…thinking I look sorrier than Mad Max.


Later in the day Mom played ball with me.  No Mad Max around to get in my way.

Why are there so many people riding those silly looking bicycles around here. I don’t like them and tell them everytime they go by.  Mom says all that barking is getting on her last nerve. What’s a last nerve? Ouch, Mom, how come you gave me a smack on the butt? Oh that’s what happens to mom’s last nerve.

What fun, we went to the Pet Parade.  Oh all the other dogs, all sizes and smells. Of course as usual more People took pictures of me than any of the other dogs, guess they just couldn’t resist this handsome fella.

What, you think it was my costume? What all that laughing wasn’t because I’m so good looking ?


How come I always have to walk everywhere…get me one of these!

Well, still have a couple days left and I’ll be good, I promise. Now I’m tired, takes a lot out of guy doing all this work.




Today we left for home, yippee. Not that I didn’t enjoy my trip but kinda miss my sister. Now as you all know I hate motorcycles. Our Rally ended and guess what replaced it??? The Hog Rally and not the oinky kind, the HARLEY kind. Almost went hoarse telling all of them Off as they went by! Again, I have to say ‘sorry Mom’, seems in my excitement on seeing all those motorcycles I stepped on her case with her brand new glasses and popped out the screw and bent the frame, just a little.

Now Mom always keeps a bowl and a bottle of water in truck for me, boy was I thirsty after all that motorcycle watching. Now came the problem, I drank all the water and then later I had to go pee really, really bad, kept whining in Mom’s ear and she kept telling me, just wait we will be home soon. I was soo happy to see our driveway, I hopped out and 2 inches into the yard I just had to let go.

Well folks, now I’m home and all is well. Thanks Mom for typing for me my feet are to big to type.



  Before I sign of for the day I want to WELCOME our 158th follower’s   RICK & KATHY ROUSSEAU they are RV part timers like us 6 months on 6 months off. They reside in Tecumseh Ontario.Which they said is right outside of Windsor, so they are close to the border. I hope you guys are enjoying the antics here at the Weeb Ranch and maybe if you make a trip through the Midwest you can stop and say HI, if not we will watch for you in our travels. That’s about it for today Rigg’s is wanting to get his blog posted. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.


  1. Riggins, you are King of the world..the dog world that is...I do have a soft spot in my heart for Fred, the dog. He was badly abused before John and Bridget rescued him...But, he liked Dennis best.

    1. He liked my Mom. Kept going over for petting. I think it was her long nails, boy are they great for scratching. Poor Fred why are their mean people that hurt us dogs.

  2. Hey Riggs, us guys that ride motorcycles are nice....well, most of us anyway!!!

  3. Great post Rigg's - we enjoyed your company very much!!!

  4. no place like home is there, Riggs!!..glad you enjoyed your vacation!

  5. Riggs - so glad you had a swell time. Tell Mom and Dad to take you are more adventures real soon.