Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Thursday Happenings/T.G.I.F.

Was up both mornings to have coffee with my bride and then she was off to the truck company, Thursday was another full day of rain, and clouds, But today about 09:00AM the sun broke through and it is turning into a gorgeous warm day. Rigg’s and Sadie are enjoying going in & Out and running in the yard.

I went out and finished with anything that was left in the fiver, since we don’t have any plans for October I will be going to get some pick fluid and probable in a couple of weeks blow out the water lines and put pink stuff in the the tanks, to keep the valves from freezing.

Got the fridge off and dry and cleaned for next season. I hope we get to go to Florida again this spring. Like we did last year.

Today being Friday,I started the day by taking some frozen pizza dough out of the freezer to that so tonight there will be another Weeb Ranch homemade pizza. I can’t wait since it’s bee a little while since I made one of those big square crust beauties. Hopefully there will be some left for lunch over the weekend. Haven’t heard from Adam yet this week  so I don’t know what his plans are yet, if he has a football game he will stay home for it. By the way they did win their first game last weekend. so his confidence level went up one notch.

If Ali Workentin reads this, send me your blog URL to me e-mail at weeb@centurytel.net I lost you somehow as I haven’t got it on my followers list anymore. It just disappeared. Sometime Blogger has a mind of it’s own as my list seems to go up and down occasionally without my input.

Not much else going on today, I can’t wait to get the kitchen smelling like a pizza shop, Then I will get a couple of High Life Lights out and enjoy the pizza.

Be safe out there.. Sam & Donna…….


  1. Sure glad the sun came out for you there. Was so hoping for a cool down here but not happening. Back up to 102 for most of next week. The air conditioner is sure getting a work out.

  2. Sometimes Blogger hides some of our followers only to return them at a later date. I first read of this happening on other people's blogs.

    So I didn't want to lose track of any of our followers so I made a file on Microsoft Excel One tab contains people that follow our Blog and their information. The next tab contains blogs we follow and their information. The final tab contains information of special links we have on our sidebar. The whole process does take quite a bit of time, but being retired I have lots of that and feel it was well worth the time.

    Now if something of that sort were to happen and it wouldn't return I can easily reprogram it myself. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. If I ever travel through your neck of the woods, I hope I arrive on a Friday for some of that famous pizza!

  4. I'm really happy Adam loves football...These darn grandkids are growing so fast I want to put a weight on their heads!! McGyver and I enjoy a pizza about every 2 weeks...a great way to get all of the major food groups, right?..I'm sure the ones you make are much better than Pizza Hut!

  5. We just got back from Angelotti's, where we had pizza when you were here last spring. Yup, Friday is pizza day down here, too.


  6. We just got back from Angelotti's, where we had pizza when you were here last spring. Yup, Friday is pizza day down here, too.