Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Sunday/Monday Mumblings.

Since it was the long Labor Day weekend, I decided to make Sunday and Monday all one post. Sunday was a cloudy morning with a little sun in the afternoon, no rain at all. Had some friends went to the Lake with their campers and they said they had a dry Sat night and Sunday night for campfires and it is sunny today on Monday.

We had Adam here for the weekend, he enjoyed himself and played with his buddies in the back behind us.

Since his birthday is next week, he will be eleven, and he has football all weekend, Donna and I asked him if he wanted to get a birthday present early since we probably won’t see him on his birthday, a 50 mile drive round trip is quite a haul for football. He said sure so I took him to Game Stop, and he got two xbox games for his birthday. I myself am not a big gamer, but they due promote, hand/eye coordination and quick reflex thinking. Maybe there is something good about them. I might enjoy one of those flight simulator games just never was into sitting in front of a TV unless train horns were sounding on it.

Donna decided to take it easy yesterday and today since she is off from both jobs, Last night we decided to go to the Golden Buffet, Donna, Adam, Andy, Samantha & I. At the last minute since my stomach had been acting up all day I decided to stay home, but the rest of the gang all went and had a great time. Everybody ate their fill, and I must say the golden Buffet is one of Donna’s favorites. for you bloggers that hit Branson MO. that is the home of the worlds largest Golden Buffet. I used to love taking busloads of people to Branson because we could count on eating there at least once a trip.

Pretty much a lazy day here at the Ranch, I did have to get Adam back to Warrenton at 07:00AM but there is no traffic at that time.


Here’s how Rigg’s and Sadie spent their afternoon, next to my chair while I did the blog.

Other than that nothing going on , We are just waiting for the two weeks to go by before we leave for the Escapee’s Rally in Sedalia Mo.

Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend. Be safe out there no matter where you are. Sam & Donna…


  1. So happy to have my wifi back again so I can catch up with you guys. Happy Birthday to Adam. Hope the stomach is better. Not fun when you don't feel up to going to dinner.

  2. I'm not a gamer either Sam but do understand where the quick eye/hand reflex coordination could come in handy someday. Especially for young folks wanting to become pilots someday.

  3. We are totally not gamers..but our grandkids are...Love the pic of Rigs and Sadie.

  4. Dog gone,,,sorry you had to miss the buffet...We stopped doing buffets a long time ago....They are not condusive to good health....To much temptation....
    Glad you had a good Labor day.....