Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wednesday/Thursday Musings

Was up at 04:30AM for coffee with my bride, both days as a matter of fact.

Missed yesterdays post just because of lazyness and I got stuck working on John Deere to get him going to cut grass. He has had a slow leak in the right front tire, and I have had to fill it up as between cuts the tire would go flat, well it must have gotten worse as I filled it with air and it got as far as the front of the yard and I could see the tire was almost flat again so back I went to the garage and jacked it up and took the wheel off. I then filled it with air again and took it in the utility room where we have a double deep sink, perfect for checking a tractor tire. I found the leak and got out my plugging tools and I couldn’t find any plugs so it was off to the Auto Zone to get a package of plugs. That killed and hour and when I got back I plugged it refilled it and rechecked it in the water and no leaks. So then it was time to get back to cutting.

Anymore after a little while on the tractor when I get off I am beat, and I just didn’t feel like sitting down at the computer so that was it for yesterday.

I have to make another run to pick up a couple things I forgot at the store yesterday when I made the grocery run to stock the trailer, I did stop and fill the truck with diesel, and topped off the generator with gas. So today will be a quick run for milk and a stop at Walgreens for a prescription.

Tomorrow I will hitch up and turn the trailer, check all the tires and then park it heading out so we can get a 7AM start Saturday morning.

WE are hoping to meet some fellow bloggers at the Rally  and some new ones too. That’s about it for today. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. Glad you got that tire fixed up before you leave. Have a great time at the rally as I am sure you will. Hopefully Donna will take time to sit back and relax.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Sam we are at Knob Noster State Park waiting for our Friday check-in will let you know our site number then.

  3. We are just sitting around here at Casino White Cloud KS killing time. We did go to the Casino buffet for lunch. I had to change to stretch slacks when we got back to the rig.
    See ya'll in a few.

  4. You guys have a wonderful time at the Rally. Wish we were going to be there.

  5. Safe travels to the Rally, Sam. Sure sounds like you're all set to pull out and hit the road Saturday morning.