Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Meanderings.

Was up and at em at 04:30AM, had my coffee with my bride and then she was off to the truck company. Rigg’s and I crashed, or should I say Rigg’s was already crashed and snoring when I went in after coffee. Donna is meeting and old co-worker Vee, after work for Dinner so I will fend for myself. I think a three course meal is in order. Course one a Miller High Life Light, Course 2. Some Tortellini's, Course three some Pretzels. Sounds good to me.

Rigg’s got his new vest in the mail, but it has to go back I listened to the people at Pet Smart who said if you order a vest for Rigg’s order a XXL because they always run small. Well the XXL they sent he is swimming in, I am sending it back tomorrow in exchange for a XL. That should be more his size.


               What do you think, To big Dad.

He will have to get used to wearing it when the weather is cold, he wasn’t to happy suiting up today.

We had another gorgeous day at 04:00PM it is still 74 degrees, sunny all day with just a little wind. not enough to make it cold. Definitely not December in MO. weather, but I won’t complain. If this is climate change I can live with it.

Donna found a picture of a bear that had 5 cubs, an extreme rarity.



                       Momma and her 5 brood.

They will be a handful in a few years.

That’s about it for today in Dardenne Prairie, made a quick run to the store and saw the local Deputy enjoying the nice day sitting in his car. A great day just to sit and watch the cars go by.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. Riggs looks so official! I am bachelor tonight as well, my three course meal is one Miller Lite, a second Miller Lite and a frozen pizza!:-)

  2. I am a bachelorette tomorrow,as Den is invited to the retiree's dinner at the fire dept..I believe my first 2 courses will be wine...then a nice cheese omelet..Yum! Is it me??? Why does Max need a vest for winter...the hunters??

    1. It's Rigg's remember? He doesn't need one for hunters, but I figured if you walk along a road someone will see him and not run over us.Have another glass of wine to get your memory back, remember the sloppy Lab kiss's he gave you.

  3. Wow 5 cubs? Now thats rare. Maybe she runs a daycare? LOL

  4. Glad to hear you're lapping up all the unusual December.

  5. If all those cubs were hers she looks great herself. Guess running around after 5 helped to get her figure back ha ha

  6. Life is rough on a night that you are fending for yourself. Good idea having the vest for those walks.