Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, December 21, 2012


Was up at 04:30AM and had coffee with my pretty bride.then she was off to the truck company and then to the restaurant.
I have a new duty every Friday, on Fridays Schnucks Markets here in St Louis prints a coupon on it’s FB page and it’s usually a complete meal for $5.00. Since the computers where Donna works won’t allow FB, she asked me if I could cut and paste it into an e-mail and then she could copy it for the girls at work and they could stop on the way home for the deal. So now each Friday I send them their Grey Coupon. Guess what tonight it’s a pizza dinner with salad.
Speaking of pizza I am moving pizza night to Saturday for this week only here at the Ranch. My niece Tammy will be arriving tomorrow and she wants one of Uncle Sam’s big square Pa. style pizza’s.
Well we only got a light dusting of snow and it melted most of it today although the high so far is only 36 degrees. The line was north of us about 20 miles and from there up into Iowa it got worse and worse. Look’s like Hannibal had about 6 inches and Iowa was in the 20’s.
                              First snow of 2012
I was glad there was no plowing or salt to put up with. that road salt to me is the worst thing you can get and only hot water will flush it out from under your car, cold water is a waste of time and water.
My Son Andy is off to pick Adam up for the weekend, don’t know yet about Nicole. Hope we have em both, they sure add a lot of life and noise to this place,
Rigg’s & Sadie always on the alert next to the kitchen table.
As you can see Rigg’s and Sadie have the Kitchen Guard duty and never one to miss out on a sunny spot, Sadie was quick to grab the choice location.
Some days are just hard to find a worth while subject for blogging material. Like today, nothing going on in Dardenne Prairie, when we used to have cows at the back fence instead of neighbors, you could listen in on the latest cow gossip.
Well that’s about it for today, hope everyone is enjoying a fine week. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna…


  1. Gingee sends Merry Christmas and Happy New Year greetings to Sadie and Riggs. She hopes Santa is good to them! Take care you guys. Stay safe and warm!

  2. Can hardly believe that we had snow here in Eugene, Oregon before you did there at the Ranch! Ours is all gone now due to the rain, how's yours? Tell Donna that her cookie recipe was yummy. The best Christmas cookies I have ever tasted! Thanks so much, and Merry Christmas to you and your family, Sam.

  3. Our girls always wait with hopeful faces that something will drop their way from the table. No snow here in our part of AZ which is fine with me. Have a great week-end.

  4. I was wondering if you were hit with the snow. Now I know!