Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Notes.

Was up at 06:00AM, my normal weekend time for a coffee and two cupcakes with no icing that Donna baked yesterday.The cake mix box said sugar free, so I am probably safe.

Donna went to work early to do some shopping, and it looks like Rigg’s and I were the big winners, I got a pair of flannel Jammies, and Rigg’s got a Christmas shirt,

Rigg's 12-09-12b

Doesn’t look to happy about modeling it. but he did the same with his orange vest that had to go back, this one is tight around his legs so Donna said she would alter it so his legs have more room.

Rigg's 12-09-12a

Oh. OH looks like Santa’s been watching and got him pegged for a talk.

Hope my report comes back ok I know I’ve been nice a couple of times. I know we got a good report from both of the kid’s so Adam & Nicky can look forward to some presents this year.

I’ll have to get moving and put the tree up this week, then it will look a little more Christmissy around here. I wonder if I should put the house numbers up on the roof so Santa will find us easier.

Donna had the day shift at the restaurant to day so we will have dinner at home. Been a slow news day around here that’s for sure, watched another train movie and that was about it. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna….


  1. When I can amble around a little better, I'm going to visit the Folkston, GA, world famous train watching platform in your honor! Don't hold your breath though, it may be February before I can do that. :)

  2. Train movie, that's code isn't it?? For a nap.......!

  3. Love Riggs's new shirt! I am sure he will be getting some goodies from Santa.

    Kevin and Ruth