Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, September 26, 2013


Yesterday was a laid back day, didn’t do much. Decided we all wanted to go for a nice steak dinner.  After the fiasco the night before, it was an agonizing decision, after checking out the internet we decided on BT Bones.. It’s a little pricey (but then I am cheap so prices are probably right) but the food was great. We each got something different. Pat got a ribeye rib combo plate, Sam a filet, I got prime rib and Kathy a New York strip. All were cooked perfectly and well seasoned without over powering the flavor of the beef. Portions were large and we took quite a bit in a doggie bag.  Their rice, broccoli, and cheese casserole is one of the sides and it was excellent. The server was friendly and gave us great service. We would recommend dinner there.


Today we had brunch with fellow bloggers and rvers, Allie and Ron, lifewiththeworkentins.blogspot, Jay and Stella of Jay and Stellas Travels and Ken and Angela of RV Life is Good.  What a great time. We all talked and laughed so much, we told silly stories on ourselves and swapped campground stories.

Kenny and Angela will be leaving on the 1st headed to Coffeyville Ks to work for Amazon during Christmas rush, and then to Puma Az for the winter, no more Missouri winters for them. Jay and Stellas next stop is Iowa for a rally.  They are inveterate ralliers and Jay helps organize many of them. From there they are heading to their home state of Texas.  Allie and Ron are going to stay in Branson and manage the Branson View Campground. If you ever get a chance to hookup with any of these couples make sure you do, a great time is in store for you.

We ate at Grand Country Buffet and the food was good. We got there at 1030 which was still breakfast but at 1100 they switch to lunch so we got both. Angela and I out ate all the others….4 or 5 plates each. Of course neither of us will probably need to eat again for a couple of days Smile. They also have a really neat gift shop, they have things have not seen before.



Jay, Stella, Angela, and Ken


Sam, Donna, Ron, Allie…………Ken, Angela, Stella, Jay


Oh and Karen P, thanks for the great big bear hug via Allie

We are now back in good ol’ Dardenne Prairie and Riggs almost knocked us over when he saw us..he is such a big baby.

(p.s. for the record, I hate my picture)

As Sam would say, please Be Safe out there.


  1. trying again to post a comment...........nice blog...........looks like a good time. H.

  2. Almost like a small Rally for you guys with all those folks there. I hate pictures of me too. Just hate them. Riggs probably won't let you out of his sight for a long time now.

  3. I'll be checking with Riggs to see if he got his "doggie bag" !! Glad you had a fun trip and made it safely home.

  4. We had a great time seeing everybody and hope to do it again..

  5. I recognize 6 of those people. Hey, 6 out of 8 is dang good!

    So glad you enjoyed your little excursion.