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Friday, September 13, 2013


The other day I made a post on my Face Book Page that went as follows.

“The Silent Majority isn't so silent when they start up their Bikes and head to Washington, hope this is a wakeup call to the politicians, that millions of Americans are Fed-Up....”.

I did this in response of what I observed as a complete blackout of the Riders going to Washington to show support for our country and a form of protest against the Muslim Rally scheduled there by our news media. In fairness when the numbers reached a million and a half the press had to acknowledge something was happening but kept it very low key.

I Googled the term Silent Majority,  and it said the following in Wikipedia.

The silent majority is an unspecified large majority of people in a country or group who do not express their opinions publicly.

I usually stay away from political statements but I remember President Nixon using this term and I always felt Donna and I fit in to this group pretty well ,Middle class American , myself a veteran and the son of a WW2 veteran, and possessing a love of our country.

I also think we have a problem in Washington and can only pray that things will get better. But I guess what I am saying is if you pole the majority of the bloggers you will find I have a lot of company in the Silent Majority.


I apologize to anyone who takes offense at this as a political statement, I assure it is not. But sometimes you can only remain silent so long.

Here is a couple of pictures for my Navy Fans,US Navy Stealth DRone2013

First pilotless Stealth Drone to be launched and recovered from an Aircraft Carrier.

First US NavyF-35C is delivered09-11-13a

First new F35C is delivered to the US Navy 09-2013.

Pretty state of the art stuff.

That’s about it for today, everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna………


  1. I just don't know how to respond. I feel like I'm in the silent majority as well, although I am no doubt more liberal in my views than most bloggers in this forum. Even though we are in the majority the giant corporations and lobbyists can override anything we think or say or do. That is so frustrating to me, so I try to just think about other things.

  2. I know darn well MacGyver and I are in that group...not sure you could actually call ME silent, though.;-)
    Lovin' the Navy pictures...

  3. We are the silent majority because the liberal press silences our voice. God have mercy on this country of ours.

  4. Well, you sure got me confused here Sam when you said the Muslim Rally was "a form of protest against the Muslim Rally scheduled there by our news media." What news media "scheduled the rally"??

    From what I read the Muslim Rally was scheduled by the American Muslim Political Action Committee so I'm not sure how the "news media" fits in to this.

    In any event, only 25 people showed up for the Muslim Rally so it's pretty obvious even Muslim's didn't think much of it and preferred to stay "silent".

    1. Rick the sentence structure of that paragraph is flawed, what I meant is, the bikers ride was scheduled to protest the Muslim Rally and show support for 911 and our country, not that the media scheduled it. But they sure did not provide any news of it until they had too.

    2. Thanks for the explanation Sam.

      When folks say "we are the silent majority", I have to ask who exactly do they mean by "we"??

      In a democracy, like the U.S. and Canada, majorities are determined at the ballot boxes on voting day. That seems to be working well for us and it's the only "majority" that is really measurable anyway.

  5. We are definitely part of the silent majority. Even in the 60's I was never much of an activist. I make my voice heard with my vote and I love my country.

  6. I totally stay away from politics and religion...but I sure enjoy reading all the views....